7 plus Size Models That Should Be on Your Radar ...

Plus size models have been around as far back as I can remember, but they rarely get the recognition they deserve. Recently, more and more plus size models have emerged on the fashion scene. They're redefining society’s idea of beauty by boldly and beautifully taking over editorials and runways that were traditionally reserved for super thin models. This is not to say one size is better than another. Women come in all shapes and sizes, so why not hire models who reflect the diverse body types of women everywhere instead of just one standard size? Check out these fabulous plus size models who are making waves in the modeling scene.

1. Marquita Pring

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One of the top plus size models to keep an eye out for is Ford model Marquita Pring. She has appeared in Levi’s ads, Vogue Italia’s “Curvy Issue” and has walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. The UK’s Daily Mail noted that Pring admits to padding her hips to appear curvier in photo shoots. Pring believes the term “plus size model” should be phased out as she does the same types of jobs as “regular” models and that the modeling industry needs to embrace diversity. Hear, hear!

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