7 of Lauren Conrad's Best Looks That We Love ...

Being one of my favorite style icons, I have decided to compile some of Lauren Conradโ€™s best looks. She has such a feminine and classic aspect to her style and always manages to look put together. She has come a long way from jeans and tank tops in Laguna Beach to being a style icon across the nation. And it is easy to tell why when you see some of Lauren Conradโ€™s best looks.

1. Yellow Coat

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This is one of the bolder but no less fabulous outfits that make up Lauren Conradโ€™s best looks. Not many people can pull of such a bright jacket and still look this incredible. With a 60โ€™s flair to this outfit, she pulls off the jacket, shoes, sunglasses, and updo with such finesse. And that bright red lipstick? It is the perfect topping off for this stand out Lauren Conrad outfit.

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