7 Most Fabulous Fashion Icons for Prepsters ...


While it seems that so many celebrities these days are turning to an edgier style, there are still tons of fashion icons for prepsters to take inspiration from. The preppy style has been around for years and has been modified from the original prepsters to a more modern style. But some things have remained. The modesty, the lady-like vibe, and the love of color are all staples of a preppy wardrobe. These icons for prepsters all have their different take on the preppy fashion, but they are all great fashion inspirations for anyone who wants the embrace the prepsters fashion.

1. Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer

When it comes to fabulous style icons for prepsters, Lilly Pulitzer is probably my favorite. From her incredible clothing to her fabulous lifestyle, Lilly had it all. Not only do I live by her motto, “life is a party, dress like it,” her clothing is perfect to go along with that motto. Her signature shift dress is a staple in any prepster's closet. And her clothes just scream summertime in the Hamptons to me. If you are ever looking for some preppy inspiration, take one look at Lilly Pulizter’s fashion and you are good to go.(Sadly Lilly passed away in March 2013 - RIP Lilly).

Jackie Kennedy