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Fashion Resolutions for 2019 for Girls Who Want to Turn Their Look around ...

By Lucy

A new year calls for resolutions ... New Year fashion resolutions, that is! Whether you want to turn your look around, make a positive change or just want to try doing things a bit differently, we've thought of some great fashion resolutions for 2019 😊

Table of contents:

  1. Use your money wisely
  2. Step beyond your comfort zone
  3. Clear out your wardrobe
  4. Consider the fit
  5. Don't sacrifice comfort
  6. Be thoughtful with trends
  7. Learn to shop ethically

1 Use Your Money Wisely

While it's more than okay to have splurges here and there, make sure you're being wise with your money in a general sense and only splashing out on something a bit more pricey when it's necessary as well as on occasion!

2 Step beyond Your Comfort Zone

If you're used to always opting for the same pieces for your wardrobe, a great new years resolution for you is to step outside of your comfort zone every now and again by taking a fashion risk when you're feeling both brave and confident!

3 Clear out Your Wardrobe

New year, new wardrobe, new changes! Is there any better time to do a huge clear out of the mountains of clothes in your wardrobe than at the start of a brand new year? It's time to get all of it out in the open and start sorting it into 'toss', 'keep' and 'donate' piles!

4 Consider the Fit

It's time to apply a critical eye to your much loved wardrobe. Go through every single piece and honestly ask yourself the question 'how well does this fit me?' The next step is to get the pieces you said 'not well' or 'could be a better fit' to take the time to have them tailored or fit properly.

5 Don't Sacrifice Comfort

We've all been there, done that and brought the t-shirt. Even the best of us choose uncomfortable pieces simply because they looks stylish and chic compared to something more comfy. For the new year, however, try your best to bring comfort back into your wardrobe!

6 Be Thoughtful with Trends

Each year there are many, many trends that go through phases of being super popular (chokers, flash tattoos and ripped jeans, anyone?), but it's important not to feel like you have to take them on board just to be 'trendy'. If you love the trend, then of course give it a go, but if others come up that you're not really loving, feel free to skip it and stick to your own style instead!

7 Learn to Shop Ethically

One really worthwhile fashion resolution to have is to learn how to shop more ethically, and part of this is being aware of the way you shop and its impact on the environment as well as other people. Luckily, there are many really easy ways you can shop more ethically and all it takes is a few wee changes to your shopping approach!

Start by researching ethical clothing brands that produce clothing consciously. Additionally, you can explore thrift stores and pick up second hand clothing, support small local businesses and use social media to ask your favourite brands to reconsider their approach (if they could be more ethical) using the powerful voice you have as a customer, and think of this as a positive change that you've helped see through!

Do these fashion resolutions sound worthwhile to you?

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