Off the Shoulder Style is Still Trendy This Spring ...


Off the Shoulder Style is Still Trendy This Spring ...
Off the Shoulder Style is Still Trendy This Spring ...

One of my favourite trends we're seeing right through spring is off the shoulder styles, and I don't think I'm alone either! It seems this style is absolutely everywhere these days, am I right? Since there's no better way to incorporate this super sexy yet totally feminine style into our wardrobes, we've found some of the best off the shoulder styles for spring!

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Crisp White Bodysuits

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, brown hair, photo shoot, One of our favourite spring looks is a crisp white bodysuit paired with a super flattering pair of high waisted jeans!


Flowy Maxi Dresses

clothing, sleeve, dress, spring, outerwear, Another clean, crisp number that will brighten up your spring wardrobe! We're totally loving flowy maxi style dresses in a great off the shoulder style.


Charcoal Crop Sweaters

black, clothing, lady, eyewear, glasses, Girls who love anything in a dark colour like black or charcoal will love this style! It looks best when paired with a pair of dark sunnies and a matching black hat.


Black Ruffle Tops

hair, clothing, vacation, sitting, hairstyle, It's time to add ruffles into your spring looks and lighten it up with your fave lightwash jeans! Better yet, finish off this sleek outfit with a pair of statement ankle boots for spring.


Flare Sleeve Crops

clothing, blue, beauty, dress, fashion, A trend within a trend! We still can't get enough of flare sleeves, so why not incorporate this amazing trend within the off the shoulder style?


Bold Red Dresses

color, red, clothing, lady, outerwear, Stop traffic in a super bold number like this red dress, complete in a lightweight fabric just made for warm days in spring!


White Lace Playsuits

hair, dress, clothing, photograph, woman, Feel girly and super feminine in a cute white playsuit like this one, featuring lace detail and a sheer layer on top! Stunning!


Embroidered Tops

hair, blue, clothing, beauty, glasses, Add a bit of interest to your off the shoulder tops with some eye-catching embroidery along the neckline!


Bubble Sleeve Crops

person, photograph, clothing, image, blue, If you want to stand out from all the flare/bell style sleeves everywhere right now, why not opt for a fun bubble sleeve instead? They're just as trendy during spring!


Denim Jackets

denim, clothing, blue, jeans, sleeve, You're sure to be one of the few seen with this piece over spring! This super unique look is a denim jacket featuring an off the shoulder style.


White Crop Tops

white, black, clothing, dress, footwear, If you love anything simple yet stunning, you'll love this white crop top when paired with smart looking high waisted shorts!


Simple Straight Denim

clothing, denim, footwear, jeans, street, Forget the bubble and flare sleeve styles, it doesn't get much more simple than a straight cut denim top in a fabulous off the shoulder style!


Vertical Stripes

blue, vacation, season, rock, sea, Make a statement this spring with an eye-catching vertical striped dress or top like this one! It features cute tie sleeves in a loose, relaxed fit.


Fitted Layered Tops

white, photograph, blue, image, statue, If you're looking for a Disney princess inspired top in the off the shoulder style, look no further! Opt for one with super pretty layered sleeves in a sheer fabric like chiffon or lace.

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