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Fashion Trends We Never Want to See Again ...

By Holly

These trends we hope will never come back are guaranteed to make you cringe! It’s hard to believe that some of these fashion statements even came into being. However, crazy fashion trends are all part of changing times, and it’s funny to look back and see how our tastes have altered over the years. As funny as they seem now, these are some trends we hope will never come back!

Table of contents:

  1. Denim everything
  2. Shoulder pads
  3. Mullet
  4. Safari suits
  5. Fanny packs
  6. Visible thongs
  7. Wedge sneakers

1 Denim Everything

Who can forget that infamous picture of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake clad head to toe in denim at the 2001 AMA awards!? Double denim can look very classy when two different denims are combined, but when everything is that same terrifying shade of blue, things start going downhill. Out of all the fashion trends we hope will never come back, this ranks the highest.

2 Shoulder Pads

I must clarify - some shoulder pads are excusable, but when the shoulder pads are teamed with a large, oversized shirt that makes you look as though you are just about being swallowed by your outfit, that’s when it gets a little bit out of hand. Shoulder pads were big in the ‘80s, but nowadays we’re embracing our figures and don’t necessarily want to look like we’re wearing a big square quilt cover.

3 Mullet

How this ever became a fashion trend I will never know. The mullet is a hairdo in which the front is cut short, but the back is left to flow wild and free. Mullets were big in the ‘80s, especially here in Australia, and were proudly described as being the haircut that is ‘business in the front and party in the back.’ While there are still some diehard mullet fans out there, let’s hope it never becomes a trend again!

4 Safari Suits

Otherwise known as ‘leisure suits,’ think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Flared pants and a matching wide-collared jacket, often in white or stunning shades of pastel. This is one of the most iconic looks from the ‘70s, and let’s just say that I hope it stays there!

5 Fanny Packs

I have never understood the fanny pack craze. Why not carry a super cute handbag? Celebrities around the globe got in with this trend, the most noteworthy of which were Rihanna, Rachel Zoe and Kourtney Kardashian. Designers hopped on the fanny pack bandwagon, trying to create iconic looks out of this old-school comfort staple. Perhaps they should just stick with handbags and groovy clutches.

6 Visible Thongs

This is one fashion trend that should never have even happened. No one wants to know that you are wearing a thong, and having it on display peeking above your jeans is not a classy look. Otherwise known as the ‘whale tail’ look, visible thongs are just a little bit too much information.

7 Wedge Sneakers

I know that I am going to be upsetting a few people here, but in my opinion, wedge sneakers are one fashion trend that just doesn’t make sense. Are you going for a jog or are you heading out for a night on the town? Or have you not decided and are just being prepared for all situations? Wedge sneakers have slowly faded into the background of fashion, which is probably for the best.

All of these fashion trends that we hope will never return are just my opinion, and I have seen people really pull off some of these trends. However, for the most part, I am truly glad they are a part of history, and it’s fun to look back and giggle at them. Which is one fashion trend you hope doesn’t return?

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