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26 90s Fashion Trends to Take You Back ...

By Lyndsie

Since the era inspires so much nostalgia, I think we need to take a look at some of the biggest '90s fashion trends. Some of them were so great that they're coming back with a vengeance, while others are best left buried in old trunks, never to be seen again. This decade is my childhood, and I have to say that I wore many – not all, but many – of these '90s fashion trends. In retrospect, I may have looked like a fashion victim. How many of these trends can you check off?

Table of contents:

  1. Butterfly clips
  2. Three in one
  3. Windbreakers
  4. Tie-dye
  5. Chokers
  6. Side ties
  7. Slouchy socks
  8. Doc martens
  9. This
  10. Layers and grunge, oh my
  11. Florals
  12. Flannel
  13. Midriff tops
  14. Blossom hats
  15. Shoulders out
  16. Clueless
  17. Full minis
  18. Really, lots of plaid
  19. Daisies
  20. Lots of messy ponies
  21. Holograms
  22. Arm jewelry
  23. Ring things
  24. Platforms
  25. No fear shirts
  26. Frosted everything

1 Butterfly Clips

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

I could never get them to look quite right, but I had them. They were really pretty, though, and characterize the whimsy of the mid to late '90s fashion trends.

2 Three in One

Via 15 Important '90s Hip-Hop Fashion ...

Tommy Hilfiger, sporty tube tops, and the sporty luxe look in general were big in the '90s, spanning different years and spheres.

3 Windbreakers

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

Did you have one of these? I had several – some of them sets, with those awful matching pants! They eventually got a little cooler, though, a little sporty and stylish, but this style made an appearance too.

4 Tie-Dye

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

Tie-dye made several appearances in the 1990s, or perhaps the hippie resurgence simply stuck around until it blossomed into boho.

5 Chokers

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

Chokers in general, and tattoo chokers in particular. Extra points for peace signs and yin yang pendants!

6 Side Ties

Via Collection of Fads You Took ...

Tying your shirt to the side was so popular that, at one point, someone created a fashion accessory to hold your shirt in place for you.

7 Slouchy Socks

Via Children of the 90s: Not ...

These were all over the place in the early '90s, and seemingly a staple on “Saved by the Bell.” Sometimes you tried to layer your slouchy socks, which required you to go up a shoe size and made your feet sweat.

8 Doc Martens

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

Don't call it a comeback, Doc Martens have been cool for years! In the '90s, they were best with jeans and baby doll dresses, now they're cool with everything (says the girl who has four pairs).

9 This

Via 90s Fashion Trends We Wish ...

I'm not being derisive, there's just so much going on! The Spice Girls inspired a ton of fashion trends, from sport luxe, courtesy of Sporty, to platforms and pigtails. Of course, Posh is still posh, still setting trends.

10 Layers and Grunge, Oh My


My favorite trend from the '90s. Boots, flannels, denim, layers, a feeling of brooding, edgy indifference! And a more sophisticated version of this is back again, too.

11 Florals

Via SHOP: 25 buys inspired by ...

Florals were everywhere in the '90s, typically on slip dresses, hats, and even shoes. The key was to pair a dainty or feminine dress with chunky accessories.

12 Flannel

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

Not just flannel but flannel shirts, best worn in layers or tied around your waist.

13 Midriff Tops

Via 12 Signs You Were Cool ...

Midriff tops, belly shirts, whatever you call them, there were lots of belly buttons on view. They were generally worn with full bottoms, such as flowing skirts or palazzo pants.

14 Blossom Hats

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

The trend existed before “Blossom,” of course, and other stars and shows added to its appeal – the ladies of the original “90210,” Clarissa, Barbie – but Mayim Bialik's character wore them so often that the name stuck.

15 Shoulders out

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

Outfits like this were everywhere in the mid '90s, but poet shirts and slip dresses kept this general trend going.

16 Clueless

Via The 25 Most Memorable Fashion ...

Like a sophisticated, sartorial schoolgirl, that's the Clueless look. Knee socks, platforms, feather pens, tiny backpacks – what was your favorite Clueless look?

17 Full Minis

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

Full mini skirts ruled in Clueless too, but that's not the only place. Even my Babysitter Skipper and Courtney dolls had these adorable things. I never had the legs or the nerve to pull them off, though!

18 Really, Lots of Plaid

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

Plaid everywhere! Plaid skirts were extremely popular, and of course most flannels were done up in plaid designs.

19 Daisies

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

There were daisies everywhere. On hats, dresses, shorts, those weird jumpers with a denim bib and full cloth culottes. Sunflowers were a popular alternative. Props if you wore either with a crocheted hat or sweater.

20 Lots of Messy Ponies

Via 18 '90s Beauty Trends You ...

Little spiky, messy ponytails, twists, and buns, all in a profusion, were all defining '90s hairstyles. Sometimes you used the butterfly clips, sometimes you pulled back sections using those tiny little claw clips, and sometimes you used bobby pins where you didn't even need them!

21 Holograms

Via 90s fashion trends: A fond ...

You saw this on purses, shoes, jackets, and even pants. Anything with an alien sheen was guaranteed to score some cool points.

22 Arm Jewelry

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

This really was – and is – kind of sexy. Did you ever channel your inner Cleopatra?

23 Ring Things

Via Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion ...

Big stones, mood rings, lots of silver – these were more organic somehow than today's cocktail rings.

24 Platforms


Like, ridiculous platforms. Sneakers, chunky shoes, weird lace ups, everyone was tall for a while there. However, it took special skill to walk in them.

25 No Fear Shirts

Via 33 '90s Trends That, In ...

Why did we like all that No Fear stuff? Was it the motivational sayings or the need for an awesome tee shirt?

26 Frosted Everything

Via The 90s make-up trends that ...

Frosted lipstick was huge, especially in neutral shades of pink, peach, and brown.

I wonder if that had any connection to the body glitter craze. I 'fessed up, so now it's your turn. What '90s trends did you wear? Give us your best and worst!

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