7 Fashionable Blue Hues to Wear This Fall ...


7 Fashionable Blue Hues to Wear This Fall ...
7 Fashionable Blue Hues to Wear This Fall ...

Fresh, vibrant and bold fashionable blue hues are statement-making tones that are a part of fall’s Pantone colour trend. Your bright blue hues can carry over into the fall from the summer, making a cool and easy wardrobe transition for the changing season. The unexpected pop of colour adds a surprising blend of dark rich jewel tones with vivid saturation for a colour combination that make up the 7 fashionable blue hues to wear this fall.

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Cobalt Cobalt blue is a bold blue shade that stands out from the rest. Among the variety of blue hues, cobalt blue is making the biggest splash this season with vivid mixes in all of your favourite fall pieces including accessories. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your summer neons and brights then this shade is one you can definitely rock this fall while still looking season appropriate.



Cerulean «But what you don't know is that that sweater is not just blue, it's not turquoise, it's not lapis. It's actually cerulean.» We all know this shade is famous for it’s cameo in The Devil Wears Prada but the «lumpy blue sweater» belongs to a wide encompassing colour family that includes a bold blue, dark blue or blue green. A true cerulean shade features a deep blue with bright green undertones, which make it feel almost oceanic.




Navy blue is a perfect staple shade that should be in your wardrobe year round. In the summer you can play up navy colours to suit the nautical trend of the season and in fall this navy shade is ideal for a military chic look. This crisp and cool colour is a forever classic that adds more depth than your traditional black.



Lapis The intensity of lapis blue is a daring and bold way to incorporate blue into your wardrobe this fall. Blue and shades of blue show up every season in some way in designer collections and is a fail-safe colour. Brighter tones like lapis make this blue even more on trend with pantone colours being brought out in all styles.



Turquoise A little on the brighter side, turquoise is a good blending palette to mix in with other warm shades or earth tones. The brightness of turquoise makes the biggest impact when worn in small doses like in jewellery or accessories. Its pop of colour is an eye-catching way to add some colour into your look.



Azure Nothing will brighten up a fall day more than the colour of the sky on a beautiful clear day, which is exactly what this azure hue does. Its Mediterranean cool colour offers a vivid statement much like turquoise and can be perfect for summer or fall. You can’t go wrong with such a deep impact whatever your style.



Teal Because teal is such a low saturated colour the effect is regal and royal with a luxurious vibe. This jewel tone hue adds drama and depth for a bit of cool flair. Its dynamic stand out colour looks great on any skin tone and will leave you feeling richly sophisticated when the shade is paired with a variety of textures like leather and velvet fit for the fall season.

These fashionable blue hues to wear this fall are nothing but high style happiness. How will you incorporate these fashionable blue hues into your fall wardrobe?

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