9 New Things Fall Fashion Will Bring Us ...

Fall fashion trends can sometimes be set as far as a year in advance. On one hand, this gives us plenty of time to stock up our wardrobes; on the other hand, by the time fall rolls around trends might have lost their ‘newness’. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard ‘baroque’, ‘military’, and ‘peplum’ thrown about as trends to keep an eye on this season! If you want a fresh spin on fall fashions, check out the following list of new things this fall will bring.

1. Freedom with Colour

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Usually we get lumped with certain trending colours each season. This fall, any colour scheme goes. Black and white? Go for it. Autumnal shades? Well, it IS the season. Brights? Sure. Pastels? Yep, they’re still trending too. Keep it fresh and experiment with some unusual colour combinations or try a fully monochrome look.

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