8 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition ...


8 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition ...
8 Wardrobe Tips for Winter to Spring Transition ...

Making the winter to spring transition fashionably can be challenging. The weather is often unpredictable this time of year so planning what to wear is no small feat, and with many of the new trends and fresh colors hitting stores, it is overwhelming to know exactly which looks will work best for you. Not to fear, with a few simple style techniques you can make the winter to spring transition looking your absolute best! Read on to bring in the new season stylishly, fashion lovers.

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Layer It All

Perhaps the single most important fashion technique for making the winter to spring transition, layering your looks will ensure that you are ready for unreliable weather and managing that time between paring down your winter clothes to not yet fully wearing your warmer weather pieces head to toe. For best results use light-weight garments such as blouses, t-shirts, camisoles, leggings or dresses as a base and work up from there. Cardigans, a denim jacket, trench or military style coat, and sheer, thin scarves are excellent tools for creating a layered look and are versatile enough to use as wardrobe staples, meaning you’ll get good fashion mileage for your cost.


Lighten up

Spring is a time of regrowth - the flowers bloom, trees fill out, the grey days fade into sunshine; the world seems lighter, fresh, effortless. The fashion equivalent to this process is very similar to that in nature - this time of year is all about lightening up your look by mixing in pieces that speak to the sunshine on the horizon. Think flowing fabrics, delicate detailing, softer styling; pairing a pretty pastel with your stand-by winter denim, adding a feminine skirt to a sweater and boot combination, complementing and highlighting your look by slowly working in the upcoming seasons’ lightest garments, colors and trends. Lighten it up, lady!


Dare to Go Bare

There is an internal fashion freak-out known to many women when the warm weather hits, we need to be wearing less clothing, and we are suddenly very aware of the fact that our bodies have not seen the light of day in months. I have been there. It ain’t pretty. This season, why not get ahead of the process and make the winter to spring transition a little smoother by starting to go bare earlier, and in small doses? Forgo the tights, wear a cropped pant, add in a sleeveless blouse, open up that neckline, let your skin breathe - as long as you are balancing the look with warmer layers everywhere else, you will still feel cozy and be able to avoid making such a dramatic change once summer arrives.


Dream in Print

Winter naturally draws out a more sombre approach to style - the colors tend to be muted, the fabrics are heavy, and the fashion is typically more subdued, reflective of the feel and energy of the time of year. Breaking into the new season, print is one of the easiest ways to play with your look, offering big impact for small additions: substituting a monochromatic sweater for a graphic blouse, opting for denim with a modern pattern, or even selecting garments that have interesting texture... Each piece is going to add visual appeal to your outfit and ensure you are transitioning into the spring with a chic and dynamic wardrobe.


Color It in

In the same capacity as print, color is a powerful styling tool that most women under-use and undervalue. The temptation to hold back on playing with bright or unexpected tones out of fear of not knowing how to add them in with your other clothes, selecting the right options for your features, or managing the rainbow of hues is understandable, but in actuality, there are far fewer “rules” for styling with color than most women might realize. Some of the best combinations are creative ones - cobalt blue with red, pink with orange, purple with green. Trust your eye and don’t be afraid to be bright and colorful, it is such a fresh way to await the upcoming season and take your wardrobe to the next level.


Amp up the Accessories

The winter to spring transition is not just an opportunity to mix up your clothing, but also your accessories, make-up, even nail polish. Applying some of the style techniques above to your fashion highlights can make a significant difference on your wardrobe: switching out bulky tote bags for light-weight clutches or bright carryalls, changing up that dark polish for a pastel or neon, favoring a fresh make-up look with feminine spring colors. Each aspect of your look is important and can be used to reflect the changing seasons - accessories and beauty are inexpensive ways to make a statement without having to overhaul your entire closet.


Trend Carefully

With so many new trends coming in and out of stores every year, it can be daunting to know which ones are truly style worthy and suited for you. This is even more important to consider at the beginning of each season, when the most current looks are flooding retailers, and the hottest colors, silhouettes and must-haves are everywhere. As a general rule, building a wardrobe with timeless pieces in versatile colors or prints, classic cuts, and tailored, good quality materials is your best bet. The key is to then add in a few trendy items that speak to you and your personal style. Combining these “of the moment” pieces in to your repertoire slowly will allow you to stay relevant and modern moving in to the next season without looking like a fashion victim.


Be Playful

Having fun with your style is always the most important tip for managing a wardrobe, and that is especially true for transitioning into the spring, when you can breathe new life in to your look with some of the freshest, most playful, feminine pieces you will see in stores all year. At the end of the day your fashion should be a reflection of who you are, and the best style is effortless, creative and individual. Be confident in your own tastes and don’t over-think your pairings. Focus instead on mixing your favorite pieces into new combinations with items that speak to the approaching spring and feel comfortable, stylish and appropriate for you.

A great wardrobe should be a confidence-inducing, positive place for every woman. While seasonal changes can affect the specific items you are reaching for, the effect should be the same - every piece should contribute to you feeling and looking your best. This time of year is a fantastic opportunity to create new looks, play with your style and balance that lingering chill in the air with your focus on the bright, sunny days ahead. What are your favorite ways to make the winter to spring transition as fashionable as possible?

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I organize my closet in half. One half spring and summer, the other half winter and fall. And I if there are tops you could use for BOTH seasons, I fold them next to my jewelry! :)

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I totally agree but with so many trends coming out , it's important to play with them all to find what's comfortable to you and your body .

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