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Spring is a fun time for style, but it can also be tricky. You can never be too sure what the weather's going to be like, which means that light jackets are necessary a lot of the time. If you're having trouble finding jackets that are perfect for spring, you've come to the right place!

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Army Jacket

Army Jacket Source: glamradar.com
Army jackets are probably a staple in your fall wardrobe by now, but make it a part of your spring wardrobe as well with this cute look!


Go Distressed with a Tailored Jacket

Go Distressed with a Tailored Jacket Source: Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers
If you prefer a distressed look, try something like this before tying the entire look together with this white, tailored jacket.


Wear Your Kimono

Wear Your Kimono Source: 20 Style Tips On How
Kimonos are usually reserved for summer outfits, but instead, use it in your spring wardrobe as a light spring jakcet!


Bright Pink Blazer

Bright Pink Blazer Source: Cute Outfit Ideas for Valentines
Not only is this bright pink blazer adorable and the perfect spring jacket, but the stripes on the slightly rolled up sleeves are so chic!


Light Trench Coat

I think we can all agree that a light trench coat is a spring staple.


Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow Source: Tran-seasonal trendsetter: The dos and
Looking to go bold? Look no further than this bright yellow blazer!


White on White

White on White Source: glamradar.com
Don't get me wrong, a white blazer is definitely a spring staple, but paired with a white t-shirt it instantly becomes a gorgeous and chic look!


Simple Blazer

Simple Blazer Source: Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers
I love that this looks like it's just a simple, neutral blazer, but if you look closely, it looks as though the rolled-up sleeves have a little glitter accent to them!


Pastel Pink Jacket

Pastel Pink Jacket Source: Fashion Union Scuba Coat
Not only is this pastel pink color absolutely gorgeous, but the style is to die for! I think it's the perfect style for a spring jacket, especially on those chillier days.


Yellow Trench

Yellow Trench Source: Get this look for $196+
If that bright yellow blazer isn't really your thing, but you still love the color yellow, this more relaxed, muted yellow trench may just be the perfect option for you!


Pink Leather Jacket

Pink Leather Jacket Source: A Spoonful of Style: Happy
Leather jackets are a staple no matter what time of the year it is, but sometimes the typical black color can feel a little bit harsh. If you want to wear a leather jacket but not something so dark, try this light pink jacket!


Simple Floral

Simple Floral Source: Elle Apparel: KIMONO COOL
This jacket is beautiful because it's technically a kimono, but even more than that, the simple blue and white floral is so minimalistic and perfect for spring!


Mint Green Jacket

Mint Green Jacket Source: Light Green Plain Drawstring Cotton
The style of this jacket is so perfect for spring's unpredictable weather, but the mint color just takes it all one step further!


Classic Jacket

Classic Jacket Source: Stylish Petite | Style, Reviews
This simple blue and white striped jacket is so classic and retro. It's one of my favorite spring looks!


Cropped Tweed Jacket

Cropped Tweed Jacket Source: Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers
Everything about this jacket just screams spring to me. Its light color, the tweed material, and even the cropped look make it a great alternative to the typical spring jacket!


Go a Little Crazy in Green

Go a Little Crazy in Green Source: s e e r s
If you want to wear a bright jacket like this green one, but are scared of being too out there, wear something like this. The entire outfit is pretty dark and muted but it's paired with a gorgeous jacket that's sure to make a statement!


Lilac Trench

Lilac Trench Source: Burberry London Coat
I'm not usually someone who goes for lighter shades of purple, even in the spring, but this color and coat are so beautiful, especially paired together, that it's hard not to love it!


A Colorful Kimono

A Colorful Kimono Source: Shop Trendy Unique Cute Clothes
Who says you need to save kimonos for music festivals and other summer events? Wear this outfit this spring!


Gray Oversized Blazer

Gray Oversized Blazer Source: stylecaster.com
I love that this gray blazer is just oversized enough that it almost looks like menswear, and the bright purse is just another awesome touch to this subtle but sophisticated look.


Loose Trench Coat

Loose Trench Coat Source: Green Drawstring Pockets Notch Lapel
Maybe I'm just obsessed with the color mint this season, but this looser trench coat is such a perfect spring option, especially when the weather's unpredictable!


Trench with the Perfect Outfit

Trench with the Perfect Outfit Source: Trendy Traveler: 10 Outfits for
I don't know if I love the trench coat more or just the outfit in general, but everything from the striped shirt to the big hat and then the jacket are so beautiful for spring!


Wear a Crazy Print

Wear a Crazy Print Source: 55+ Fall Outfit Ideas
A crazy print is always okay in the spring, when bright colors are celebrated, so what better time to try out something new like this than the spring?


White and Black Polka Dots

White and Black Polka Dots Source: s e e r s
A white blazer is always a "do" in the spring, but the chic black polka dots just add another beautiful touch!


Classic Leather Jacket

Classic Leather Jacket Source: 6 Spring Jackets & How
Just because it's spring doesn't mean that you need to store your black leather jacket away. Instead, wear it with a lighter outfit, like this white dress, to brighten things up a little bit!


Peach Long Blazer

Peach Long Blazer Source: Street Style, April 2014
I just don't think it gets much more chic than this style, and the peach color is so perfect for spring!

What are your favorite spring jackets? Let me know what you loved in the comments!

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