7 Cardigan Tips for Girls Who Want to Be Warm but Stylish ...


7 Cardigan Tips for Girls Who Want to Be Warm but Stylish ...
7 Cardigan Tips for Girls Who Want to Be Warm but Stylish ...

I love a good cardigan. I think they are the perfect finishing touch to just about any outfit. They are a nice layering piece with dresses, skirts, jeans, or pixie pants. Really, you can wear a cardigan so many different ways and with just about anything. Not only are they cute, but the can help your figure look slimmer. Try these cardigan tips to feel like a fashion queen.

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Dress It down

Cardigans are perfect for an easy, casual look. You can use them to cover up strappy tanks for school or at the office. Match it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some sneakers. This is an easy, relaxed look that anyone can pull off.


Dress It up

Use a simple cardigan to cover a cute dress or add to a flowing skirt. Cardigans are so versatile you can wear them with almost anything. My favorite look is a cute floral dress with a white cardigan and my old cowboy boots.


Look Slimmer

One nice thing about cardigans is they help give the appearance of a slimmer figure. A large cozy cardigan is perfect for concealing any lumps and bumps you want to hide. Add a thin belt around your waist under the cardigan for an even slimmer look.


Smaller Bust

If you have a small bust, that high button closure works great. It adds a little bulk up there without being too obvious. This is a great look with a simple blouse or tank for at the office.


Play with Fabrics

Cardigans can add texture to your outfit. You can opt for a knitted or lace cardigan if you want texture. Jersey and cashmere are great for softness and comfort. What’s your favorite cardigan material?


Choose the Right Neckline

V-neck cardigans look best with square or straight necklines underneath. If your cardigan is scoop neck, pair it with a scoop neck top. A curved, straight, or waterfall cardigan works well with most every neckline top.


Consider Length

A cropped cardigan looks good with either a slightly longer or much, much longer shirt. On the other hand, a hip length cardigan is best with a top that is shorter than the outside layer. If your cardigan is just a bit shorter than hip length, a shirt that is just a little longer is good.

Now that you have some solid cardigan tips, how will you wear your next cardigan? Leave me a comment describing your favorite cardigan and how you like to wear it.

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Number six looks good my kind of boho relaxed look

First 4 rhymed. Thought it was gonna be a rap

Cardigans are also great for Autumn when it's cold in the mornings then warms up, easier to carry in your bag.

Number 7 is an absolute gem.

Thanks for the tip cute outfits for number 2 and 7.

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