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31 Summer Scarf Inspos to Prove They're Not Just for Winter ...

By Jennifer

When I think of summer style, I think sundresses, short-sleeves, and scarves. I know, I know... but hear me out! Scarves can be the perfect summer accessory, if you give them a chance. Here are a few streetstyle examples to show you what I mean.

1 Add Feminine Flair

clothing,footwear,pattern,fashion,tights,Source: Tips to Take Your Style

2 Add a Layer of Warmth

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,leather,Source: 15 Chic and Creative Ways

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3 Add Color to a Neutral Outfit

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4 Steal Jessica's Casual Chic

clothing,footwear,winter,fashion,season,Source: 15 Chic and Creative Ways

5 Provide Geometric Interest

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,fashion accessory,pattern,Source: 15 Chic and Creative Ways

6 Be Pretty in Paisley

clothing,scarf,pattern,fashion accessory,design,Source: Classy Paisley Blend Infinity Scarf

7 Go Wild with Animal Print

black,clothing,sleeve,outerwear,blouse,Source: Tips for Wearing Animal Print

8 Rock Pink with Mint

scarf,clothing,pink,fashion accessory,Source: CLOTHES | Shop Trendy Unique

9 Wear One as a Belt

clothing,yellow,arm,fashion accessory,dress,Source: MaiTai's Picture Book

10 Belt in on, like Olivia

hair,beauty,hairstyle,fashion,spring,Source: Burberry - Iconic British Luxury

11 Show off Your Girl Scout Knots

clothing,brown,sleeve,outerwear,fashion accessory,Source: How to: Woven scarf knot

12 Braid It

hair,face,clothing,hairstyle,scarf,Source: Wear It - Spark &

13 Go Mad about Plaid

hair,clothing,blond,pattern,hairstyle,Source: DIY Post, No Sew Blanket

14 Borrow Jen's Airport Style

clothing,person,lady,footwear,kilt,Source: It's official: Jennifer Aniston puts

15 Go Bold & Bright

clothing,pink,pattern,scarf,fashion accessory,Source: Flare

16 Wear a Beige Scarf with Your LBD

clothing,dress,lady,footwear,fashion,Source: heading for Italyheading for Italy

17 Fall in Love with Flamingos


18 Get Starry-Eyed (or Necked?)

white,clothing,sleeve,spring,jeans,Source: GLAM CORNER: Summer Looks

19 Spruce up Denim


20 Rock Zebra Print, Risk-Free

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,fashion accessory,long hair,Source: Favorite Things Friday

21 Get Patriotic

clothing,dress,footwear,leg,fashion,Source: Trend Alert: Printed Scarves with

22 Drape It on

clothing,lady,footwear,dress,fashion,Source: Atlantic-Pacific

23 Tie the Colors with Your Skirt

clothing,pink,sleeve,spring,fashion,Source: fashforfashion -♛ STYLE INSPIRATIONS♛

24 Make a Denim Vest Even Cuter

clothing,hairstyle,fashion,long hair,photo shoot,Source: 25 Ways to Wear a

25 Get Fancy, Instead of a Necklace

clothing,sleeve,fashion accessory,blouse,outerwear,Source: Fringe Binge

26 Animal Print in Colors to Coordinate

clothing,jacket,sleeve,outerwear,fur,Source: One Garment, Many Styles: 8

27 Pop of Color to Match Your Shoes


28 Use as a Hair Wrap


29 With a Statement Necklace

clothing,scarf,red,knitting,fashion accessory,

30 As a Beach Cover-up


31 Go Retro Classic


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