The Sexiest Outfits to Wear with a Beanie ...

When you wear a beanie, there's much more to think about than what you should do with your hair beneath it. You should take some time out to decide what to wear with it as well, because there are plenty of different styles you can rock with a beanie. If you're having trouble deciding what to wear today, here are some of the sexiest outfits to wear with a beanie:

1. The Casual Look

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Some of us throw on a beanie when our hair is dirty, because it's an easy way to cover up the mess. If you're in such a lazy mood that you didn't feel like washing your hair, then you should stick to the casual look. Put on a sweatshirt and some yoga pants and then step out of the house like you don't have a care in the world. Sometimes, looking like you just rolled out of bed can be sexier than looking like you spent hours in front of the mirror.

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