8 Fabulous Faux Fur Wraps to Keep You Warm This Winter ...


8 Fabulous Faux Fur Wraps to Keep You Warm This Winter ...
8 Fabulous Faux Fur Wraps to Keep You Warm This Winter ...

Faux fur wraps are the new in trend. Perhaps you aren’t aware of it yet, but a wrap can do so much to compliment your style and keep the biting cold away. Winter coats do a pretty good job of helping you to keep toasty, but sometimes you want that extra layer of warmth that can be removed or added instantly, but can also be considered part of an outfit if wearing your coat would look out of place. If you find yourself in this predicament, a wrap is the answer. Here are 8 FABULOUS faux fur wraps to check out.

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The Sleeveless Faux Fur Wedding Party Evening Casual Women's Wrap with Feathers from Light in the Box

fur clothing, fur, fashion model, outerwear, woolen, It’s available in a cool, heather gray color that makes it a versatile piece; there are very few things that it won’t match. It provides contrast to dark colors (your black leggings, for example) a compliment to light colors (your cute white sweater, or turtleneck, for instance) and a modest pop of neutral color against everything else in between. The hidden clasp means that you don’t have to manually clutch it to keep it nestled upon your shoulders. It adds a touch of class to any outfit subtly. Perfect for a chilly day, this is the one of the best faux fur wraps you'll ever find.
$49.99 at lightinthebox.com


Boasting a shawl collar design, this wrap provides a dash of sophistication while ensuring practical warmth. Whether you're attending a frosty evening soiree, or bundling up for a brisk night on the town, this piece offers the right balance of comfort and fashion-forward style. The elegant feather details add a touch of whimsy, ensuring you stand out in the best way possible. And at a price point of just $49.99, it's an affordable luxury that won't break the bank. Don't miss your chance to elevate your winter wardrobe!


Striped Faux Fur Wrap from Jayley

fur clothing, fur, fashion model, outerwear, long hair, Jayley doesn’t skimp on the quality of its wide selection of fashion and accessories and our friends in the UK definitely deserve their luxurious image. Here is one of their many fashionable and functional faux fur wraps. The natural colors bring a bit of wildness to an outfit. It sits on the shoulders and isn’t designed to be clasped, so you can wear it in a variety of ways, such as slinging it over one of your shoulders.
$80.10 at jayley.com


Champagne Brown Wedding Bridal Faux Fur Wrap from Sissily

fur clothing, fur, textile, stole, animal product, “Wedding” is in the name, but the soft colors lend it well to any look. It features a soft champagne base with delicate brown accents and combines the flirtiness of a blush or rosy wrap with bolder color for a stunning effect. A perfect accent for your next formal event.
$70.00 at sissily.com


Faux Fur Pull-through Scarf from LOFT

fur, fur clothing, animal product, product, With its little opening to pull one side of the scarf through the other, it’s simple to get on and off without worrying about a clasp. Though it is described as a “scarf” it is wide enough to hug the back and shoulders, depending on how much you pull one end of the scarf through the other. A tighter pull will keep your neck toasty, but wearing it more loosely will give you a convenient shoulder wrap to sport after you take your coat off. $54.99 at loft.com


Fur Shawl from Coach, Sold by Farfetch

fur, headgear, product, feather, snout, For those whose sense of style has an edge, there’s a wrap out there for you! The gift of Italian draftsmanship has brought us the Coach Fur Shaw. lt pairs well with a tightly fitted coat or jacket and denim. Try adding some high and strappy boots to the look to take things to the next level. In addition to its rockin’ combination of leather and tassels, it fastens “t-bar” style in the front, unlike most other wraps out there.
$819.00 at farfetch.com


Leopard Print Wrap Scarf from Forever 21

fur clothing, fur, fashion model, scarf, stole, If you like to give your outfits a funky edge, but don’t want to break the bank, look no further than the selection of wraps from Forever 21. Featured here is a wrap in leopard print that looks just as good with a mature getup as it does with a casual weekend one.
$17.90 at forever21.com


Colorblock Faux Fur Scarf by TOPSHOP, Sold by Nordstrom

fur clothing, fur, jacket, animal product, fashion model, Here we have another option for fashion at a bargain in this unique accessory from TOPSHOP. The length of it essentially allows you to do what you want with it, be it draping it on your shoulders to tying it around your neck. The color block pattern contrasted with black is a conversation starter; a way to stand out while not being too flashy about it.
$33.99 at shop.nordstrom.com


'Cally' Shortbread Faux Fur Collar from Lindybop

fur clothing, fashion model, beauty, fur, scarf, Last but not least, we delve into the realm of cute. This precious piece keeps the neck and upper shoulders warm and features a functional and cute bow tie. If that wasn’t saccharine enough, the bow itself is satin. Overall, this little wrap is something handy to have around in the winter when coordinated with a flirty skirt and a good pair of light colored tights or leggings.
$9.00 at lindybopusa.com

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