8 Statement Winter Coats for Fabulous Women ...

Winter Coats For Women come in various cuts and designs. A good coat is a foundation piece for any functional winter wardrobe. From designer labels to affordable chain store brands, there are winter coats for women to suit a range of styles and needs. While coats in classic cuts and colourways are staples, a statement coat can really take your winter outfits up a notch. Below are a few stylish and statement-making winter coats for women.

1. Topshop Red Bound Seam Duffel Coat

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Price: $178.00 at us.topshop.com
The red coat is the ideal statement making piece. This duffle coat has a relaxed design and would make a great casual choice of clothing. It is made from a wool blend and comes with toggle fastenings and a detachable hood. Wear it with jeans, thigh high boots, and a knit beanie for a relaxed winter look.

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