9 Fun ✌️ 70s and 80s Inspired 🌟 Halloween Costumes 👑 ...

If you're looking for fun and a splash of childhood, try one of the nine fun 70s and 80s inspired Halloween costumes. This collection of costumes offers a brilliant, free-spirited take on these two decades that brought us all some of the most amazing characters imaginable. While I know my childhood ended many, many years ago, these costumes remind me of those days gone, but not forgotten. Now, to allow you to infuse your life with an epic opportunitity, let's review the nine fun 70s and 80s inspired Halloween costumes.

1. Strawberry Shortcake

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To start this collection of 70s and 80s inspired Halloween costumes, let's take a look at this remix of Strawberry Shortcake. While it's not as frumpy as the 1970s version, it's definitely fun. This costume would be great for Halloween, a costume party, or play time. If you wanted to Cosplay Strawberry Shortcake, this would be a great spin on the character.

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