8 Tips for Going Grunge ...


8 Tips for Going Grunge ...
8 Tips for Going Grunge ...

Want to know how to wear grunge and pull it off in a modern and stylish way? Grunge is a big trend this season and there are plenty of ways to work some grunge attitude into your look. You can easily make this look work for you without resorting to the Nirvana tee and flannel shirt. Taking a pinch from the 1990s, this trend is all about attitude. Read on for a few tips for how to wear the grunge trend right now.

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Layer up

Layer up What makes the grunge look so great for fall is that you can work plenty of layers into your outfit. It’s on-trend and functional! When looking at how to wear the grunge trend, start with a little grunge dress. Wear tights underneath, and layer a denim shirt and overcoat over the top. Then add a scarf, some woollen gloves, and a beanie as you see fit.


Footwear Matters

Footwear Matters Shoes always count. For a typically grunge look, wear lace up boots like Dr Martens or sneakers like Chuck Taylor's. Make sure they look beaten up for extra street cred.


Tone It down

Tone It down When looking at how to wear grunge, you won’t find neons or pastels anywhere in sight (unless, maybe, they’re in your dyed hair). A grunge wardrobe is usually made up of muted or neutral shades, with red or khaki the most colour you’re likely to see.


Rip It up

Rip It up Is your outfit still not grunge enough? Then take to it with some scissors. Rip those jeans! Shred that shirt! Fray those cut-offs! Just show some restraint otherwise you might end up looking like the victim of Edward Scissorhands on a bad day.


Waist It

Waist It Now, I’m not usually a fan of tying shirts or jumpers around my waist, but it’s a look that’s typically grunge. Just watch any 90s teen movie and you’re bound to see more than a few kids sporting a flannel shirt or denim jacket tied around their waist.


Tress Yourself

Tress Yourself Perfectly styled hair and grunge don’t really go hand in hand. Your grunge hairstyle needs to match your “I don’t care” attitude. Let your hair hang loose and tousled or, alternatively, you could also wear it dead straight.


Stud It

Stud It Studded accessories and clothing have been everywhere lately. While they’re a bit more ‘punk’, they can still be incorporated into your grunge outfit. This season, try some studded detailing on a khaki anorak or studded jewellery to finish off your grunge look.


Shop Smart

Shop Smart If you’re looking at how to wear grunge this season, you don’t have to spend a fortune. While you may be tempted by the latest designer brands or high street collections, shopping at thrift stores is a smart way to build your wardrobe. You could also call it a more ‘authentic’ way of putting together your grunge outfits.

The grunge revival is alive and well, and these are just a few tips for how to wear grunge this season without resorting to the flannel shirt. Are you a fan of the grunge look? What are your tips for how to wear the grunge trend?

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