7 Gorgeous plus-Size Models ...

Though magazines and designers continue to employ emaciated women for fashion shoots and runway shows, prominent plus-size models prove that the industry is slowly making some changes. As someone who has worked in the glitzy fashion world, it is refreshing to watch curvy ladies star in shoots and advocate for healthy body image. Here are 7 of the most gorgeous and talented plus-size models hard at work today. I have two words for these gals: keep strutting!

1. Barbara Brickner

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With her lengthy brown hair, hazel eyes, and gorgeous curves, Barbara Brickner is one plus-size model to be reckoned with. She has appeared in Β«ModeΒ» magazine editorials and even launched a maternity line called BB Maternity. And her extensive modeling resume includes work for the likes of Eddie Bauer and Nordstrom. But what I love most about Brickner is her commitment to a healthy body image. You go, girl!

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