Fashion Brands All Body Positive Women Will Love ...

By Neecey

Fashion Brands All Body Positive Women Will Love ...

More and more fashion labels are introducing ranges for curvier women and women of non-standard sizes (what’s a standard woman anyway?). This is fantastic for anyone who struggles to find clothes to fit. And the more conscious fashion brands become about positivity, the more stimulus there is for greater diversity in size ranges. We want more clothing ranges that promote healthy body image and female empowerment that encourage women to love every inch of their natural, beautiful selves. Brands like these:

1 Lululemon

Lululemon Lululemon is a great company that manufactures workout clothes. Not just workout clothes that size 0 women can buy to look great and flaunt their abs at the gym, but actual real workout clothes that women of any size can feel confident in and that will motivate them to be more active.

2 Aerie

Aerie One of the most popular body positive fashion brands is Aerie, a sister store of American Eagle that in 2014 stopped retouching and airbrushing their models as part of a larger campaign to promote realism within the fashion industry. They have a strong commitment to portraying all shapes, sizes and colors in their models and in their garments, setting a great example for young girls.

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3 SmartGlamour

SmartGlamour This is an NYC based brand that hand makes every single piece of clothing that they sell. Catering to women of all shaped and sizes from XXS to 6X, the love and care that goes in to every garment is almost unrivalled, and the handmade nature means that your clothing will fit you like a glove.

4 Rebdolls

Rebdolls To put it simply, Rebdolls is not here for any of the industry’s size shaming crap. The online fashion retailer is proud to stock fantastic fashion choices from sizes 0 to 28, choosing to give everybody the chance to wear the latest trends, not just those who society deems worthy. Their slogan is #SEXYFORALL, and their brilliant creations in a range of sizes make that achievable.

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5 Modcloth

Modcloth Modcloth is a brand that emphasizes the movement of voluptuous meeting vintage, and the online retailer does not discriminate, stocking sizes from XS all the way through to 4X. Modcloth was the first fashion company in 2014 to sign the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers, which stated that they would not change the shape or enhance the qualities of any of their photographed models.

6 Bluestockings Boutique

Bluestockings Boutique The founder of Bluestockings Boutique, Jeanna Kadlec, wanted a brand that gave luxury and comfort to those who don’t necessarily fit with conventional gender roles or gender preferences. The brand’s great range of lingerie caters to all tastes, with the hashtag #underthingsforeveryone ringing true in a wide range of styles and sizes XS to 4X.

7 Dear Kate

Dear Kate Dear Kate is a brilliant underwear company that came to prominence when they made a response to Victoria’s Secret’s infamous ‘perfect body’ billboard by releasing their featuring gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes, claiming the ‘perfect body is every body’.

8 SimplyBe

SimplyBe This is a British retailer hugely popular in the UK with a growing following in the US. Selling an absolutely massive range of items with everything for top to toe, what makes it so good are the collaborations with a pool of top notch designers. Anna Scholz has a great range that is completely affordable. Most items are in sizes 8-28 and shoes come in a variety of width fittings.

9 Rue107

Rue107 The creative brain behind Rue107 is Haitian-born Jean-Marie Baptiste. Inspired by the vibrant colors of her Creole heritage and the passion of New York (now her home), the clothes at Rue107 are definitely statement-making. Mostly tight ensembles designed to accentuate and celebrate curves, they are unapologetically bold.

Let’s hope the traction gained by the body positive movement continues its momentum in the media. Please let us know any great body positive brands you’ve bought from.

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I love Aerie,their leggings are godsent

Can i just say body positive does not imply fat?? It means you are happy with you are happy with how your body is, no matter what shape or size it is. #bodypositive does not mean plus size. Get your facts right.

Some of the most beautiful women ive seen 😍😍

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