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With the change of seasons upon us, it’s time to start thinking about storing your winter coats. Sure you might be tempted to just bundle them all away and go with the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach for the next couple of months but it’s important to take proper care of your clothes to maintain their condition. When you pull them out after months in hibernation, you want your coats to look just as good as they did when you packed them away. Set aside some time to prepare your coats for storage and take a look at these tips for storing your winter coats.

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Start Clean

Before you even begin storing your winter coats, make sure that they have all been thoroughly cleaned. Even if coats look clean, they might have stains that aren’t easily visible. Putting dirty coats into storage can exacerbate imperfections so it’s always important to tackle things before they get out of hand. Prevention is better than cure and all that. Cleaning methods can vary depending on the style and fabric used so follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions where you can.


Choose the Storage Space

Choosing the right storage space is important when storing your clothing. You want to keep your coats in a cool, dry area. Avoid dank, dusty, and dark spaces as they are the kind of environments that allow mold and mildew to grow. Also take the time to clean out your storage space to make sure your coats are going into the cleanest environment possible.


Store Coats Correctly

Most coats should be stored hanging in order to keep their shape. However, slouchy coats, parkas and puffers can be folded away to save on space. If you do have to fold a structured or tailored coat, try and fold along the seams so you’re not left with conspicuous creases when you pull them out of storage. Also avoid squeezing in too many coats into a small space as you want them to keep their shape.


Use Natural Fibres

When it comes to choosing garment bags and storage boxes for your coats, stick to natural fibres. Cloth garment bags are a great option for coats as they are breathable and still provide a moisture barrier. If you’re folding your coats, try wrapping them in cotton sheets or pillow cases. Avoid plastic garment bags if you can as they can trap moisture which can lead to mould and mildew.


Use Sturdy Hangers

Coats can be quite heavy so it is wise to invest in some sturdy hangers. Using sturdy hangers, like wooden varieties, will help your coats keep their shape while hanging. Avoid flimsy plastic hangers and definitely do not go near skinny wire hangers.


Label Your Coats

Packing away all your coats into garment bags and boxes can make it hard to identify individual coats. In the event that you do need to pick out a coat in the dead of summer, you don’t want to have to open every bag before finding the one you’re after. Label each coat as you go along, either with by attaching garment tags or marking boxes with their contents.


Keep Things Fresh

Keep insects and moisture at bay by popping in small pouches of lavender or cedar chips into garment racks or storage boxes. Lavender will keep your coats smelling sweet and repel insects and cedar chips have been known to have insect and moisture repelling properties as well.

Take some precautions and carefully store away your winter coats. When you unpack your coats for fall they should be in just as good a shape as you left them. What are your best tips for storing winter coats?

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