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36 Outstanding Scarves to Jazz up Your Fall Wardrobe ...

By Eliza

Fall is quickly approaching, which means you need to get your selection of scarves in order. After all, you can easily make your outfit by tossing one on. Fortunately, scarves are super trendy right now so it's easy to find them all over the place in any price range. Check out these options and get yourself set for cooler weather.

1 Anchor Scarf

Anchor ScarfVia Infinity scarf - anchor scarf ...
The anchors on this cute little gem make it one of the most fun scarves for your closet.

2 Knitted and Chunky

Knitted and ChunkyVia Friday Favorites
Look how cozy this scarf looks! You'd never get cold with this around your neck.

3 Neutral and Ruffly

Neutral and RufflyVia Swoon-Worthy Scarves - SheSez
The neutral colors make this easy to match and the ruffly look gives it personality.

4 Braided

BraidedVia Krissa's Creative Hands: Braid a ...
The braid on this scarf really makes it stand out. I love this look!

5 Sweater Scarf

Sweater ScarfVia Knitted Lace Scarf Winter Accessories ...
This scarf reminds of me of a cozy wrap sweater.

6 Mint Elephant Infinity Scarf

Mint Elephant Infinity ScarfVia Items similar to Mint Elephant ...
The color and pattern on this scarf come together to create perfection.

7 Freewheeling Birds

Freewheeling BirdsVia Freewheeling Birds Infinity Scarf | ...
Birds are experiencing a bit of a moment right now and this scarf fits the bill just right.

8 Chevron Stripes

Chevron StripesVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Chevron is a trendy pattern and these two colors rock it!

9 Bird Print

Bird PrintVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Here's another great looking bird scarf.

10 Tiffany Blue

Tiffany BlueVia women's fashion scarves & wraps ...
Wear this scarf with white or black to make it really stand out.

11 Book Pages

Book PagesVia Community Post: How To Nurture ...
Take a page from your favorite book and then wear it around your neck.

12 Lightweight

LightweightVia •my style•
This scarf enhances your outfit, but won't make you feel super overheated.

13 Light Pink with Grey Hearts

Light Pink with Grey HeartsVia Heart Print Infinity Scarf Fall ...
I love how grey and pink look together and the hearts are really cute.

14 Chevron Blue

Chevron BlueVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Both the color and the pattern on this scarf make it one every girl should own.

15 More Chevron

More ChevronVia Items similar to Watermelon Chevron ...
Another perfect example of chevron on a scarf.

16 Tiny Hearts

Tiny HeartsVia Untitled #8
The hearts are whimsical and will look great with a great number of outfits.

17 Ribbon Tied around the Scarf

Ribbon Tied around the ScarfVia Everyday icing
Add a cute ribbon to give your scarf a life of its own.

18 Great Color Palette

Great Color PaletteVia Neon Infinity Scarves, textile Neon,Black ...
Choose a striped scarf with a cool color palette.

19 Neon Green

Neon GreenVia Striped Neon Green Infinity Scarf, ...
Neon colors are back in a big way and this scarf is the perfect way to add them to your wardrobe.

20 Floral Scarf

Floral ScarfVia Spring Celebrations Fashion Lavender Roses ...
You won't ever be sorry about adding a floral scarf to your closet.

21 Lace Floral Scarf

Lace Floral ScarfVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
A little bit of lace and a little bit of floral make this scarf really feminine.

22 Light Gray Cotton Scarf

Light Gray Cotton ScarfVia Light Gray Cotton Shawl/ Scarf ...
This scarf is lightweight for comfort but has a really great looking floral embellishment that makes it one my favorites.

23 Colors

ColorsVia CLOTHES | Shop Trendy Unique ...
Mix and match the colors of your scarves with your outfits for fun new looks all the time.

24 Navy Blue

Navy BlueVia Leto Collection Navy & White ...
Navy blue is a neutral that you can't do without.

25 Mixed Patterns

Mixed PatternsVia If you ever need to ...
I love how the polka dots and checkers look so great together.

26 Chunky Gray

Chunky GrayVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
You could wear this scarf with just about anything.

27 Red Floral Black Writing

Red Floral Black WritingVia Text scarf,romantic Red or pink ...
This is a unique scarf that no one else will have.

28 Simple Hearts

Simple HeartsVia Heart Print Infinity Scarf Valentine's ...
Simple hearts make this scarf one you'll wear all the time.

29 Great Pattern

Great PatternVia Spring Celebrations Blue Polka Dot ...
The color palette is neutral, which lets the pattern stand out.

30 Tribal Infinity Scarf

Tribal Infinity ScarfVia tribal infinity scarf,tribal, Loop scarf. ...
This cute tribal pattern lets you pair it with a huge number of tops.

31 4th of July

4th of JulyVia women's fashion scarves & wraps ...
What could be better than this red, white and blue scarf?

32 Chambray Leopard

Chambray LeopardVia Stars Scarf Spring Shawl Mother's ...
The hint of color at the end of this scarf makes it really awesome.

33 Simple Stripes

Simple StripesVia Turkey Turkish Scarf - Gray ...
No wardrobe is complete without a great striped scarf.

34 Delicate Lace

Delicate LaceVia White Scarf Women Shawl Scarf ...
Make your outfit super feminine by adding this scarf before you head out the door.

35 Multicolored Strips

Multicolored StripsVia FABULOUS by design: Design Collaboration ...
The colors of this scarf are perfect together.

36 Plain Red Scarf

Plain Red ScarfVia Solid plain red scarf,pomegranate RED ...
You'd really stand out on a snowy winter day with this scarf.

I have so many scarves! What about you? What's your favorite one?

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