7 Great Stores to Shop for Petites ...


To find clothes that fit me properly, I have had to develop a go-to list of stores to shop for petites. For petite women, it can be very frustrating to go into a store and see clothes that you love and not be able to wear any of them because they are too big. I realize that clothes can be tailored, but I don’t want to spend the time or money to tailor my clothes. When I go to these stores to shop for petites, I never have to worry that I won’t be able to find something that fits. In fact there is so much to choose from at these stores it is almost like Christmas for me.

1. Ann Taylor

One of my favorite stores to shop for petites is Ann Taylor. I especially love their pants, which come in different cuts and always fit. However, the selection of all their clothes is unbelievable! They have such a large variety of petite clothes that sometimes I feel like it is a store exclusively for petites. In addition to having a large variety, their clothes are also made really well and are very sophisticated, which is plus if you are on the small side. I always look like a chic, adult woman when I wear their clothes.

You can find Ann Taylor petite clothes at anntaylor.com

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