7 Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls up North ...

Girls up north have to tailor their outfits to fit the rain, snow, and overall cold, which means there are a few wardrobe essentials for college girls. The weather that gets thrown your way may hinder your ability to get to class in one piece, but you can still look adorable in the cold. The key to dressing properly for the cold is to invest in key pieces that can withstand the weather. So if you get rain, snow, hail, or just plain old cold, you might want to bring these wardrobe essentials for college girls into your closet.

1. Rain Boots

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If you go to school up north, you know that rain boots are one of the top wardrobe essentials for college girls up north. It will rain and you will be regretting your time walking from class to class if you do not have rain boots. These are the type of shoes you need to invest in to make them last a while. I am personally a fan of Hunter Boots but there are tons of funky rain boots for you to show your personality through. As long as you have a pair to help you trek through puddles, you will be fine.

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