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If you're on the lookout for budget friendly places to shop for school clothes, you're not alone! Most every young woman who buys her own clothes is on a budget, but doesn't want to sacrifice fashion in the meantime. Let's be honest, it's incredibly easy for us to go shopping crazy when back to school season hits. This isn't only the biggest fashion time of the year, but most ladies are also dying for a new wardrobe for a new school year. To be sure you stick to budget savvy picks, be sure you choose the most budget friendly places to shop for school clothes. This way when spring rolls around, you'll have plenty of money to do it all over again!

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Forever 21

Forever 21 has been one of the most budget friendly places to shop for school clothes for almost a decade now. Trends seen in Fashion 21 are always the latest and the greatest and it is one of the most popular places to shop for teens and even for women in their 20's today. The clothes are high quality, but low price, and the selections are endless! You also never have to worry about sticker shock syndrome as I call it, when shopping in Forever 21. This fabulous store was created to be a top source of fashion finds for affordable prices. And I have to say, it sure does deliver just that!



H&M is my number one go to source for the best clothing at the best prices. Their trends are out of this world, and the selections are endless. H&M carries styles for every woman's fashion preference and the prices can't be beat. I also love that H&M's clothing is one of the most high quality budget friendly fashion stores to shop from too. I've never had a shirt lose a button, or handbag lose its strap. In fact, many pieces from H&M that you can buy for back to school like tanks, blouses, pants, jeans and handbags can be worn right into spring since they're versatile, trendy and easy to mix and match other items with.


Charlotte Russe

As a teen shopping for back to school items, Charlotte Russe was my first stop. I probably spent 90% of my back to school budget in Charlotte Russe, simply because they're affordable, high fashion, and have a look for whatever your style, mood or fashion taste may be. All the styles in Charlotte Russe are similar to those in H&M, Forever 21, Wet Seal, and The Body Shop. It's an all around fantastic trendy store you'll definitely want to check out during your budget friendly shopping spree.



If you think department stores like JCPenney have lost their spark and pizzazz, you're missing out on one of the best budget friendly shopping places of all. JCPenney has become a top budget friendly shopping place for me to check out, even as an adult woman. I'm constantly in awe of how much their fashion has improved over the years, but their prices are still incredibly budget friendly. If you're a girl on a budget and want to find some great sales all year, long, JCPenney should be a top stop for you this year.



A'Gaci is for those of you that need a little extra sparkle in your life in the fashion department. While prices are affordable, the glam factor is taken up a few notches in A'Gaci. Their shoe department is a huge favorite among women, starting with their trendy heel collection. I don't know about you, but anywhere I can get quality heels on a budget has me sold!


Wet Seal

What girl doesn't go crazy over Wet Seal? Truly, I could get lost in this store just as easily today as I could five or ten years ago. Wet Seal is known as one of the most elite budget friendly shopping places for teens and women today. It's found in nearly every large mall in the United States, and it's no wonder. From a high quality fashion jewelry selection, to the cutest tops and pants to match, blazers, belts and more, Wet Seal has something for every girl out there. Be sure you check out the sales racks at Wet Seal too. They are always full of some of the best goodies of all!


T.J. Maxx / Marshalls

When starting your back to school shopping spree, do not leave out the more well known budget friendly stores in the process. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and even Ross are all great places to shop for back to school items. I could get lost in each of these stores too, because for one, they're already at top prices, and they're incredibly fashionable and trendy. All of these discount stores are similar, and though clothes are discount finds, they're also brand new and often designer brands. Don't forget to check out the shoe department and handbags while you're at these fantastic stores either. These are some of the best budget finds of all!

Now that you know the best places to shop for back to school finds on a budget, it's time to start saving so you'll have plenty of money when school season rolls around! Everyone will be asking where you got your outfit, and you can proudly tell them where, and that you didn't blow your budget in the mean time. What's your favorite budget-friendly shopping place for back to school finds?

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@Hannah, go to the clearance section if you don't want to spend a million dollars

TJ Maxx has some of the best clothing and shoes out there for the best prices- you just need patience to go thru the racks. I hit the right time and bought 10 pairs of shoes at about 60% off the real value

Wait a minute. The Body Shoo doesnt sell clothes it sells beauty products

Ladybug and Fashion Q are great too. With cheap prices!

How are H&M and Jcpennys beget friendly?! $25 bucks for a t-shirt is not budget friendly!

Great article! Too bad we only got H&M in Norway...

This is my goto article from now on fir places i need to go shopping

Wet seal and Charlotte Russe are not high quality at all. Also they're kind of trashy.

I find the quality of Forever 21 really awful. And their fits are not exactly petite friendly.

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