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Have you noticed just how trendy cuffed jeans have become this year? It’s funny because when I think about cuffing my jeans, I think about that rule in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books, when it was clearly stated that no cuffing was allowed. However, I think that the girls would cut us some slack with that rule today; because everywhere you look people are cuffing their jeans. If you’re looking to get in on the trend and don’t know where to start, try following these tips and tricks!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Play with the Length

Don’t Be Afraid to Play with the Length There are so many different lengths you could go with when it comes to cuffing your jeans. Don’t just go with the typical cuff length. If you want to do something that will truly stand out, go dramatic. Make your cuffs longer than usual. It’s something that’s not only going to make a statement, but is so in style this summer. Or, go the opposite way. A small cuff just adds a great touch to any simple outfit.


Decide What Look You Want

Decide What Look You Want When it comes to cuffing your jeans, you have to know exactly what kind of look you want to create. If you are throwing on a pair of loose boyfriend jeans, don’t get too particular about the cuffs being perfectly folded. Instead, let them look a little messed up. If you’re wearing a slim leg pant that could be dressed up with a cuff or two, you can worry about the fold then.


Cuff Pants You Never Thought to Cuff

Cuff Pants You Never Thought to Cuff It feels like most people cuff their pants because it was suggested on the model when they bought them, or maybe because they came cuffed. Because of that, try something else. Pull out the pair of pants you never thought you’d cuff and get to work. Whether it’s a pair of colorful capris or something else entirely, cuffs can instantly change the look of your pants!


Educate Yourself on Different Cuffs

Educate Yourself on Different Cuffs Before I started researching cuffed pants for this article, it never once occurred to me how many different folds and cuffs there were. If you don’t know where to start, do some research for yourself. There are so many different ways to fold a pair of jeans that you would be truly astonished!


Show Some Skin

Show Some Skin Capris are basically a style staple of everyone’s spring wardrobe, but if you don’t have a pair that you really love to wear this spring, grab your favorite pair of jeans and turn them into a pair of capris with a few, simple cuffs! It’s an easy way to transform a staple in your wardrobe!


Think about Your Shoes

Think about Your Shoes Unless you’re walking down a catwalk, don’t worry about your shoes being insane, over the top, or out of this world. Here’s the thing about cuffed jeans—they add a pretty good amount of bulk around your ankles. Don’t make that bulk even worse with a pair of loud shoes. Go simple with your shoes to keep your look simple and sleek!


Try to Keep It Sleek

Try to Keep It Sleek Please don’t re-cuff your jeans if they’ve already come cuffed. It just makes them look bulkier than the look you were going for. Unless you’re specifically seeking out a bulkier look when it comes to your cuffed jeans, you need to try and keep it sleek with just one or two folds on your jeans!

How do you cuff your jeans? What are your go-to tips? Let me know in the comments!

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I love cuffed jeans! Great post!

Love love the cuff jeans

Love a cuffed jean!!

always love to cuff my jean

Love a cuffed jean!!

I love this trend!! I have only cuffed my skinny jeans so far

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