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18 Hot Fashion Tips for a Small Bust ...

By Sophia

Fashion tips for small bust women seem to revolve around either embracing what you’ve got or enhancing appearances. I think one of the biggest advantages of women with smaller busts is that they are able to pull of a range of different styles to suit their figures. Whether you want to play up your features or create the appearance of a fuller bust, the following are a few fashion tips for small busts.

1 Embrace Your Bust

One of my first fashion tips for small busts is to embrace it. When you think about it, many clothes are initially designed to suit models with smaller busts. From going braless to backless, you can get away with so much more!

2 Wear High Necklines

Whereas those with bigger busts tend to baulk at the thought, those with smaller busts can easily get away with wearing high necklines. Low necklines draw attention to smaller busts whereas high necklines flatter them.

3 Draw Attention to Arms and Shoulders

Draw attention to your arms and shoulders rather than to your chest. A t-shirt with a round neckline and shorts sleeves, for example, is one such way to do this. It’s about drawing attention to your upper body without the focus being on your chest.

4 Go Backless

Another one of my fashion tips for small bust women is to be daring and don a backless number this season. While anyone with a bigger bust usually has to worry about support and bras, if you’ve got a small bust you can easily go sans bra!

5 Show off Your Waist

Create a shapely silhouette by wearing clothing that clings to the smallest part of your waistline. Any cinching in at the waist helps make your bust appear larger.

6 Wear Flares

Like the previous fashion tip for small busts, this one involves cinching in the waist. By wearing pants with a slight flare to them, you’re causing your waist to appear narrower and ultimately maximising the appearance of your bust.

7 Embrace Plunging Necklines

One upside to having a smaller bust is that you can wear revealing necklines without the fear of ‘falling out’. However, one note of caution is to avoid v-necklines and long sleeves as these can further exaggerate the appearance of a small bust.

8 Colour in

The colours you wear can make all the difference in the appearance of your bust. Some colours can make you appear larger, so those with small busts have little to worry about in this department. It may interest you to know that lighter colours can enhance a smaller bust. Also, make the most of this season’s trends by embracing brightly coloured tops.

9 Wear Wider Belts

Wide waist belts or corset style belts are another way to enhance the appearance of a small bust. They cinch in the waist and create a shapely blouson effect.

10 Add Embellishments

Wear tops with ruffles or embellishments around the chest area as these add volume without exaggerating a small bust. Another fashion tip for small busts is to layer a few scarves over a plain top to add some subtle bulk to your bust.

11 Embrace Chunky Knits

Anything too slinky or clingy around your bust can further emphasise its flatness. In the cooler months, opt for chunky knits rather than fine ones.

12 Play with Sheer Fabrics

It’s all about sheer fabrics at the moment but one of the biggest difficulties is what to wear underneath. Wearing a slip or statement bra is a great idea. For flatter smaller busts, you could even get away a subtle display of nipple.

13 Avoid Wrap Styles

Avoid wrap style dresses or tops as these may not always flatter a smaller bust. Since wrap dresses create a curved effect, they usually require a fuller bust to fill out the dress.

14 Wear Statement Coats

Women with smaller busts enjoy greater ease when it comes to wearing coats and jackets. More often than not, a bust can get in the way of buttoning up an otherwise well fitting coat. Make the most of your smaller bust by donning a stunning statement coat!

15 Play with Prints

We’re often told that wearing patterns draws attention to certain areas and can make them look larger than they are. If you’ve got a smaller bust, you’ve got little to worry about in the way of prints. You can embrace both bold prints as well as getting away with wearing smaller prints, like polka dots and ditsy florals.

16 Blouses with Breast Pockets

Wearing blouses with breast pockets can add to the appearance of a fuller chest. Any detail around the chest can have this effect. A crisp button-up top with breast patch pockets is a chic option for right now.

17 Get Swimming

For those with smaller busts, there aren’t many styles of swimsuits that won’t suit you. You can easily pull off triangle, halter, or bandeau style tops. You can also create the appearance of a wider bust by wearing horizontal stripes or patterns on your top half.

18 Avoid Sports or Bandeau Bras

Sports bras and bandeau bras can further exaggerate a small chest. If you want to create a fuller appearance, my main fashion tip for small bust women is to invest in a shapely and well fitted bra.

These are just some handy fashion tips for small bust women. They range from embracing what’s already there to ways to enhance a small bust. What are your best fashion tips for small busts?

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