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7 Tips to Help You Get a Bra That Accentuates Your Breasts ...

By Alison

It can be difficult to know how to choose a bra that accentuates your breasts, especially if you are not very well endowed. Making the right selection in part depends on your shape, but there are also hints that apply to women of any size. Bras should always enhance your shape, but a badly chosen bra can make your outfit look bad and will be very unflattering to your breasts. So here are some tips on how to choose a bra that accentuates your breasts …

1 Fabric

So you want to know how to choose a bra that accentuates your breasts? Start by looking at the fabric of the bra, and what you want to wear it with. We all know that you should never wear a dark bra under a light-coloured top, but fabric is also important. Lace will ruin the outline of a light jersey top, and make it look lumpy. This will not flatter your breasts! Save the lace for items made of thicker material, and choose a t-shirt bra when wearing tees.

2 Get Fitted

You may think you know your size, but many women are walking around in bras that are completely the wrong cup or band. If you live near a specialist lingerie shop, get fitted there – department store staff generally don’t have the same training (in one store, I was measured over my clothes!). Do remember, though, that if you shop in other stores you may take a different size there, so always try bras on.


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3 Don’t Overdo It

For those of us who weren’t blessed in the boobs department, it’s tempting to go for a heavily padded bra in an attempt to compensate. Keep the padding light though, and just go for a little boost. It will give you a nicer, more natural look than if you try to fake three extra cup sizes. Plus you won’t have that embarrassing experience when you take off your bra in front of a new boyfriend … and your boobs just disappear!

4 Spend

When buying bras, it’s worth spending as much as you can afford to. A quality bra will be much more flattering, and give you a good shape. Cheap bras just do not last. Plus when you buy some lovely lingerie, it makes you feel good, and that will increase your confidence.

5 Try on with a Special Outfit

If you buy an outfit for a special occasion, always take it with you when you go shopping for bras. Nothing ruins a pretty dress like a bra strap peeking out, and whatever some celebrities like to think, showing the cups is not a good look either. Take a friend with you, and make sure the bra is completely invisible from all angles.

6 Built-in Support

You can also accentuate your breasts nicely by doing without a bra altogether. That doesn’t mean going braless! Instead, choose a top with built-in support. These are ideal for avoiding visible straps and the lines of the bra showing. With a built-in bra, you get all the support you need, and a perfectly smooth look.

7 Buy in Bulk!

Finally, many women find it difficult to buy bras in their size, both those with small and large breasts (and probably in between as well). If bra shopping is a nightmare for you, here’s a very useful tip. When you locate a bra that fits well, buy several, in different colours as well as multiples of your favourite colour. This way, you can keep spares and put off the time when you have to go bra shopping again!

When it comes to breasts, we get what we’re given, and it’s very difficult to change them – unless you opt for invasive and expensive surgery! But with a good, well-chosen bra, we can make our breasts look their best. Are you happy with your breasts, or would you like to have either more or less?

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