7 Helpful Hints on Getting Your Best Fitting Bra Ever ...


We’re all taught that we should wear a bra but we really never got any tips for finding a bra that fits right. It’s frustrating because there are an overwhelming number of options and they seem to fit okay - or so it seems. According to bra expert Susan Nethero, most of us (a whopping 85%) are wearing the wrong size and shape of bra when we don’t have to. Why continue to suffer the effects of an ill-fitting bra any longer?! Allow me to be your guide and offer you 7 helpful tips for finding a bra that fits perfectly. Let’s get started!

1. Get Sized up

One of the top tips for finding a bra that fits is to get a bra fitting. You can do this at home or get one done with a pro. If you’ve never had one done, you might be surprised at your actual bra size; it’s probably quite different from the size you’ve been wearing so far. There are lots of things that can change our bra size too, like gaining a few pounds, gaining or losing muscle and aging. Get a proper bra fitting to get your best fit!

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