How Any Woman Can Jazz up a Boring Bathing Suit ...


How Any Woman Can Jazz up a Boring Bathing Suit ...
How Any Woman Can Jazz up a Boring Bathing Suit ...

Styling a bathing suit is never exactly an easy task. It’s not something that a lot of people think about. However, if you have a bathing suit that you’re just absolutely sick of, but don’t really want to spend the money on a new bathing suit, try these tips. They’ll help revitalize even your most boring bathing suit into a completely new piece that I’m sure you’ll get so many compliments on!

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Go Crazy with Your Hair

Go Crazy with Your Hair If you’re wearing a bathing suit that isn’t your favorite, try to jazz it up with a crazy hairstyle. Any look that you’re not too fond of can instantly be jazzed up with a new hairstyle. It pulls a little bit of focus away from an outfit that you’re not crazy about.


Invest in a Cover up

Invest in a Cover up There’s not much variety when it comes to bathing suits. They’re pretty standard, usually. If you’re looking to change things up with your standard bathing suit, try finding some new cover-ups. There’s so much variety when it comes to cover-ups. You could try a romper, a dress, shorts, or something else entirely. You can easily transform a boring bathing suit into a high-fashion piece with a new cover-up.


Transform Your One-Piece

Transform Your One-Piece Do you have a one-piece that you don’t necessarily love anymore? Get your scissors out! Cut it into a crazy shape to make it look like a brand new bathing suit. It’s such an easy way to transform a one-piece that you’re not exactly crazy over anymore.


Bedazzle It

Bedazzle It There’s not much that sparkles can’t fix. Whether you want to encrust your bathing suit with gems or just glitter, a little sparkle can go a long way. It’s amazing how much a few gems can change the look of a bathing suit. A simple, monochrome bathing suit can instantly be updated with some sparkles.


Add Fringe

Add Fringe Fringe bathing suits are all the rage, but it can be hard to find one that’s especially flattering. By adding fringe to your own bathing suit, you can be sure that it’s already flattering, and you can control just how long or short the fringe is, which also lets you know for sure just how flattering the fringe look will be on you! It’s also so easy to add fringe, that you’ll never be tempted to waste the money on a new fringe bathing suit again!


Tie It Differently

Tie It Differently Thanks to Pinterest, there are a ton of different tutorials for tying your bathing suits in different ways. You can completely change the look of your favorite bikini simply by tying it differently. Who would’ve thought that changing the way you tie a bathing suit could completely change what it looks like?


Turn a One-Piece into a High-Waisted Two-Piece

Turn a One-Piece into a High-Waisted Two-Piece Are you sick of your old one-piece? Cut the top of it off and turn it into high-waisted bathing suit bottoms. Pair it with your favorite bikini top and you have the perfect retro bikini with very little work (or money!) involved.

What are your tips for changing your bathing suit up? Have you ever tried any of these? Will you ever try any of these? I’m already thinking of the bathing suits I want to try these tips with! Let me know your plans and ideas in the comments!

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