How to Avoid the First Day of School Fashion Freak out ...


Going to Catholic schools for nearly all of my life, I never knew how lucky I was not to have to deal with the first day of school fashion freak out. However, when I got to high school, the first day often became a “casual dress” day, and I learned all too well just how stressful picking out a cute outfit. If you’re used to the first day of school fashion freak out and want to avoid it this year, here are some tips to do just that!

1. Pick a Few Outfits in Advance

The first week of school can be pretty stressful, so if you don’t plan your outfits normally, make an effort to during the first week of school. If you plan multiple outfits out for the week in advance, you’ll have a ton of options for the first day of school that will make it less stressful on the morning of your first day of school!

Try Them on Beforehand
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