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Heres How to Add a Touch of Country to Your Street Style in 25 Photos ...

By Jennifer

You can be a total city girl and still wear country, and why not? I love the plaids, tiny florals, denim, and of course, the boots! Here are a few ways to add a little country to your style, no matter where you are.

Table of contents:

  1. Floral dress & boots
  2. Tall cowboy boots
  3. Plaid w/floral accents
  4. Embroidered blouse
  5. Tiny floral print & denim jacket
  6. Lace & ankle boots
  7. Plaid shirt with skinny jeans
  8. Vintage florals
  9. Flannel and boots
  10. Ruffled dress and cowboy boots
  11. Feminine and flirty
  12. Henley, denim shorts, & boots
  13. Leggings and boots
  14. Plaid flannel is so cozy!
  15. Check top, jeans, & ankle boots
  16. Chambray & leather
  17. Red plaid shirt
  18. Add a vest
  19. Plaid + tweed
  20. Plaid shirt, vest, and tall boots
  21. Fun floral dress
  22. Another look
  23. Flowing florals
  24. Add a bandana
  25. Go the obvious route

1 Floral Dress & Boots

Source: Como combinar acessórios com vestidos

2 Tall Cowboy Boots

Source: Fashion Archives Mom Fabulous

3 Plaid W/Floral Accents

Source: Small Town Plaid Top

4 Embroidered Blouse

Source: Modern Country Style: Modern Country

5 Tiny Floral Print & Denim Jacket

Source: 40 Cute Autumn Fashion Outfits

6 Lace & Ankle Boots

Source: Which Summer Outfit Is Made

7 Plaid Shirt with Skinny Jeans

Source: Southern Curls & Pearls: Pajamas

8 Vintage Florals

Source: Stook Pook

9 Flannel and Boots

Source: Blue Plaid Buttons Lapel Wrap

10 Ruffled Dress and Cowboy Boots

Source: Romantic High Low Sweetheart Beaded

11 Feminine and Flirty

Source: 20 Style Tips On How

12 Henley, Denim Shorts, & Boots

Source: Hottest Boots With Shorts Outfits

13 Leggings and Boots

Source: Jackets to Wear with Your

14 Plaid Flannel is so Cozy!

Source: What to Wear with Leggings

15 Check Top, Jeans, & Ankle Boots


16 Chambray & Leather

Source: Nữ sinh ném con trai

17 Red Plaid Shirt

Source: Andee Plaid Top

18 Add a Vest

Source: Fur Me In Vest (Olive)

19 Plaid + Tweed

Source: Lilly & Leopard

20 Plaid Shirt, Vest, and Tall Boots

Source: The Sweetest Thing: Cream &

21 Fun Floral Dress

Source: 12 On-Trend Spring Dresses For

22 Another Look

Source: Tops Trendy & Affordable The

23 Flowing Florals

Source: Anthropologie's New Arrivals: June Lookbook

24 Add a Bandana

25 Go the Obvious Route

Source: Pinterest

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