7 Ways to Wear Yoga Pants in the Office ...


Is there anything in the world more comfortable than yoga pants? I think not! Too bad you can't wear them to work... or can you? Let's check out these ways to wear yoga pants in the office, and still look stylish.

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With a Long Sweater and Flats

With a Long Sweater and Flats If you have a long, butt-covering sweater, try wearing that over your yoga pants, like you would with leggings, but instead of boots, wear flats or TOMS. Yoga pants at work? Done!


With a Blouse and Blazer

With a Blouse and Blazer Will anyone know those are black or dark grey yoga pants with that crisp white blouse and super-cute blazer? Probably not. You'll be stylish and comfortable in equal measure.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it's possible to wear yoga pants to the office if you style them appropriately. Pair them with smart pieces like blazers or structured tops for a professional look.

To dress up yoga pants, choose a pair with a more formal look, such as a thicker fabric, and combine them with dress shoes, a fancy blouse, or a tailored jacket.

Opt for a button-up shirt, a sophisticated blouse, or a blazer to wear with your yoga pants. These can elevate the outfit to be suitable for work.

Not all yoga pants are suitable for the office. Look for yoga pants with a more formal appearance, like those with darker colors, subtle patterns, or a straight-leg cut.

Make sure your yoga pants are in good condition and choose high-quality, non-see-through materials. Accessorize with jewelry, a belt, or a scarf, and combine with dressy footwear to keep your look office-friendly.


With an off-the-shoulder Tunic Top

With an off-the-shoulder Tunic Top Again, wear your yoga pants instead of leggings with your tunic top, and slouch it off one shoulder to make your outfit extra-cute. If you want a little more modesty, wear a tank underneath, too.


An off-the-shoulder tunic can elevate your yoga pants to look effortlessly chic for a casual office environment. Choose a tunic in a solid color or a subtle pattern to maintain a professional aesthetic. Pair this combo with flats or ankle boots for a relaxed yet put-together look that fits within many office dress codes. Remember to keep the color palette neutral to ensure the attire remains office-appropriate while showcasing your personal style.


With a Sporty Top

With a Sporty Top I mean, they are yoga pants, so if you have a nice, not grubby, sports top you can wear, give it a go! Just wear casual shoes, like slip-ons, instead of your trainers.


Sporting a chic sports top with your yoga pants is a fantastic way to blend comfort with style. Opt for a sleek, fitted top that's flattery rather than frumpy to maintain a professional edge. It's a look that says you're ready for a post-work Pilates class, yet you're absolutely in charge of your desk assignments too. Remember, accessorizing minimally will keep the overall vibe tidy and office-appropriate.


With a Chambray Shirt

With a Chambray Shirt Picture this: dark grey yoga pants, soft light grey vee-neck tee, and a long-sleeved blue chambray button-down with rolled sleeves and a dainty gold necklace. Aaand... your work outfit is complete!


With a Vest

With a Vest I love how this looks! Pair your yoga pants with a long-sleeved tee and a cute vest, then a pair of low-heel booties. Darling and totes office-appropriate!


Invest in Yoga Slacks

Invest in Yoga Slacks If you haven't heard of Betabrand yoga pants for the office, you need to check them out, stat! These pants truly are as comfy as yoga pants, but they look like office attire, all the way. Swoon!

What other ways can you think of wearing your Saturday morning yoga pants to the office Monday through Friday?

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Most of the women in these pictures are in jeans or slacks, not yoga pants?

I'm sorry but no, there's no way yoga pants can be made appropriate for the office in most of the pictures the girls aren't even wearing yoga pants and most of the suggestions aren't office friendly with it without yoga pants

Yeah, no. These wouldn't be appropriate for work. Even the ones that are meant to look like slacks or jeans, they don't. They look like yoga pants with a jean pattern on them and not office friendly. Just go buy comfortable work pants.

Yoga pants are for yoga and that's that!

I looked at the website- the yoga pants are designed to look like slacks or jeans.

Seriously, just no.

These are nice but it's not like you can wear gym clothes or sweatshirts to the office...

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