8 Fab Ways to Choose the Right Accessories for You ...

By Yana

By now, everybody knows that right accessories can make your outfit rock. However, I still see a lot of women who neglect this crucial piece of the outfit in their everyday looks. Here's how to choose the right accessories for you and your outfit.

1 Use to Complement Your Face Shape

hair, human hair color, photo shoot, hairstyle, long hair, If you have long neck don’t be afraid to wear oversized earrings. However, if it’s not your best part you should avoid chokers and tight pearl necklaces as they won’t compliment you.

2 Use Jewelry to Hide Imperfections

If happened that today you don’t have a perfect manicure or your nails don’t look at their best, try to stay away from bright and eye catching rings. This way no one will notice your manicure imperfections.

3 Choose Your Colors Carefully

clothing, jeans, denim, shoulder, handbag, Don’t try to wear everything in one color, blue jeans, blue shirt, blue purse, and blue earrings will make you look like one big blob of blue. It would be appealing to anybody’s eyes to see colors that are in harmony with each other. One rule that I like to follow, nature is never wrong, it means that don’t be afraid to match colors as you see them in nature. For example, blue and yellow go as great together as the sun and the sky.

4 Be Aware of the Size

If you are a tiny lady and you will try to match your outfit with bulky shoes and massive bag you might look a bit awkward. It goes the other way too, if you are taller you should opt out for bigger accessories, so they won’t stay in the background of your outfit. You should choose the accessories that complement your stature.

5 Harmonize Your Accessories

Like everything else in your outfit, your accessories should be in harmony with each other. For example, if you are wearing a handbag with silver buckles try to make sure that you don’t wear gold elements in your other accessories, as it would make your outfit look a bit tacky.

6 Find the Right Pieces for Your Occasion

That should be easy enough. If you are going to spend your day at the office today, don’t wear extravagant accessories and rather choose a classy watch and small delicate necklace. The same goes for your “go out” outfit, this is where you can go a little wild and choose accessories that are brighter and will make you stand out.

7 Quality Vs Quantity

pink, fashion model, model, beauty, shoulder, This goes for pretty much everything in your wardrobe. You definitely should spend a little bit more money and buy one good quality leather purse rather than buying several cheap once that will fall apart very soon and will make your outfit look cheap. The same goes for shoes, earrings, necklaces, and etc. Just remember that quality always wins over quantity.

8 Don’t over do It

human hair color, beauty, model, jewellery, long hair, More doesn’t mean better. To keep your outfit looking classy try not to wear everything at once. If you are choosing a statement necklace try to keep casual on earrings and opposite. If you are wearing an outfit with a spectacular pattern try to keep conservative on accessories so your look stays neat and clean.

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