How to Rock Flared Jeans This Season ...


Move over, skinnies. Flared jeans are coming back and promise to be bigger than ever, no pun intended! Figuring out how to style flared jeans can be a little confusing after so many years of wearing skinny jeans. These’re 7 tips to help you rock flared jeans this season.

1. With Boots, Ankle Boots, Heels or Flats

With Boots, Ankle Boots, Heels or Flats

You can wear flared jeans with boots, ankle boots, heels or flats. But there’re some basic rules to remember here. Riding boots aren’t going to work out well unless you wear your flared jeans over them. In fact that’s the case for most boots. Ankle boots and flats can be pulled off without a hitch. With heels, you want to wear a flared jean that has a longer hem line so they end at the correct length.

With a Solid Button up
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