The do's 👍🏼 and Don'ts 👎🏼 of Wearing Leggings on the Regular 📆 ...

It's hard to survive without a good pair of leggings. After all, they can turn any bland outfit into a bold one. Of course, there are some unspoken rules about the trend that Glamour has put into words. Here are the dos and don'ts of wearing leggings:

1. Do Buy Them in Leather or Suede

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This can make you look sexy, while still seeming professional.

2. Don't Wear Neon Colors

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This is a fun outfit idea for a party, but you shouldn't wear neon leggings to work.

3. Do Layer Them under a Dress or Skirt

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This can turn any plain dress into a stylish one!

4. Don't Wear Them with a Crop Top

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You've heard people complain about women wearing leggings as pants, haven't you?

5. Do Style Them with an Oversized Sweater

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If you own an oversized sweater that'll cover your crotch and booty, then don't be afraid to wear leggings underneath it all.

6. Don't Throw on a T-shirt and Call It a Day

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Unless you're going to the gym, try to spice up your outfit a little bit more than this.

Are you a huge fan of leggings or do you hate the trend?

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