How to Turn a Fashion Don't into a Fashion do ...


How to Turn a Fashion Don't into a Fashion do ...
How to Turn a Fashion Don't into a Fashion do ...

We’ve all seen the pages of fashion magazines. We’ve all seen the blacked out faces are editors declare different outfits “Fashion don’ts.” I’m also fairly certain that we’ve all been known to wear our fashion don’t or two. If you’ve had your fair share of fashion don’ts and want to turn them into fashion dos, follow this list!

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Too Much Sparkle

Too Much Sparkle Sometimes you have a piece that you love, whether it’s a skirt, a dress, or a pair of heels, but you know that if you wear them, you’ll look a little too much like New Year’s Eve to be taken seriously. If you want to wear that sparkly piece but are worried that it’s not the time or the place, follow one simple rule. Make sure the rest of your outfit is comprised of neutrals. It will completely tone down the look but you’ll still shine!



clothing, outerwear, pink, overcoat, fashion, Monotone looks can either be fashionable or a complete fashion don’t. If your outfit feels a little too matchy-matchy, there is such an easy way to fix that issue. Rather than worry about everything matching too much, throw a different color in to mix things up. A simple accessory can break up an entire monotone outfit!


An Old LBD

hair, photograph, clothing, girl, beauty, We all have that old little black dress that we always want to wear but we fear that we’ve worn it too much. Whether you feel like you’ve worn it too much, it’s gotten a little ratty, or you’re just sick of it, give it new life! Throw a bright jacket over it and you have an entirely new outfit!


Overdoing Layers

clothing, green, outerwear, coat, wool, If you live in an area with colder fall weather, you really know the struggle of layering. Sometimes, layers can just get too bulky. If you have that issue, it can be solved. Either remove a layer if you’re wearing multiple, or look for outfits that have “faux layers” built in. It’s all of the charm with little-to-no bulk!


Shapeless Outfit

hair, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, hairstyle, There’s something so chic about a dress or shirt that doesn’t have any shape to it, but very few body types can pull it off. If you’ve purchased an outfit with a shapeless silhouette and you just really don’t know what to do with it because you’re worried it’s not very flattering, belt it. Adding a belt will give any shapeless outfit a definite shape, create a super-flattering waist on you, and it will turn an outfit you didn’t feel comfortable into an outfit you’ll wear with confidence!


Mixing Metals

clothing, sleeve, dress, outerwear, neck, A lot of people worry that mixing metals doesn’t look great together. However, mixing metals is one of the ultimate fashion statements! If you’re worried about mixing metals that don’t look great together, follow a simple rule. Make sure all of the metals, no matter the type, have the same finish. For example, if you’re wearing a silver ring and a gold bracelet, just make sure that they both have a shiny finish!


Too Many Pops of Color

clothing, dress, fashion, footwear, spring, It’s so easy to go crazy for pops of color! I know that I am often guilty of this fashion don’t! If you’re worried about wearing too many colors, follow a simple ritual before you walk out the door. Look in the mirror and take one pop of color off. Just by removing one color, you’ve successfully toned down your outfit!

What are your favorite tips for fixing fashion don’ts? Let me know what rules you live by in the comments!

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Great advice!


I like the pop of color outfit

So true! I know that I'm constantly worrying if I should've worn this or something else ect.. A lot of women do judge others tho and it's hurtful when it's done to you, if you feel pretty that's all that matters! :)

I agree with you Katie. Personally I think it more to do with how we view ourselves then others. Most of the time when your out your worrying about your outfit and don't really pay much attention to anyone else. I worry about how I look as well. It makes me laugh because most people are to busy worrying about how they look and what you think about their outfit and so on. We're all guilty of it, we forget every one else isn't even focusing on us 😅

Absolutely love the dress in the second picture.

You can never have to much sparkle!!

I wish we could all just stop judging each other and wear whatever makes you happy. Not blaming the author, because we all do it sometimes, but if you think about it, why do we care how many pops of color someone else is wearing?

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