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How to Wear Pink While Still Looking Elegant ...

By Teresa

I, like almost every girl in the world, love to wear pink. However, I, also like almost every other girl in the world, worry that when I do wear it, it looks juvenile. Because of that, I’ve compiled a list of tips for wearing pink while still looking sophisticated, elegant, and put-together. Whether you’re just running errands or going to a big event, you can still wear pink, look absolutely beautiful, and dress for your age! It’s not always an easy task to pull off, but when you do, the results will be stunning!

Table of contents:

  1. Add small touches
  2. Try a lighter pink
  3. Wear it with a dramatic piece
  4. Incorporate more pastels
  5. Dress your age
  6. Keep it sleek
  7. Stay neutral

1 Add Small Touches

Just because you want to wear pink doesn’t mean you necessarily need to wear a ton of it. If you want to keep it elegant and sophisticated, try sticking to a monochromatic outfit with slight touches of pink. Wear an all-white or all-black outfit with a pink statement necklace to keep it sophisticated.

2 Try a Lighter Pink

Neon pink doesn’t exactly scream mature adult, does it? Don’t get me wrong, I love neon pink as much as the next girl (I actually wore it multiple times this week), but it’s not a color I like to wear when I’m trying to be more sophisticated. If you want to pull off a more sophisticated look, wear a pale pink to truly look classic.

3 Wear It with a Dramatic Piece

Any dramatic piece will instantly bring some elegance to an outfit. For example, a midi skirt is such a fun, dramatic piece that instantly brings elegance to any outfit. If you want to include bigger splashes of pink in your wardrobe, wear a pink piece that adds elegance on its own regardless of color.

4 Incorporate More Pastels

Adding more pastels in general is such an easy way to add pink into your wardrobe without looking juvenile. Especially in the spring, when pastels are aplenty, adding pink to your wardrobe is easier than ever before. Wearing mint, baby blue, and light pink can easily be made more sophisticated and elegant.

5 Dress Your Age

Whether you’re fourteen or fifty, dressing your age is one of the most important parts of wearing pink, as is keeping your look age-appropriate. If you’re an adult and dressing like you’re in high school, pink is going to look juvenile on you no matter how you style it, and vice versa. Pink is a hard enough color to wear without looking like you’re dressed too young for your age, so don’t make it any more difficult than it already is!

6 Keep It Sleek

When wearing pink as an adult, you don’t necessarily need to get all frilly with poufy accents. Instead, keep it sleek and simple. Sleek silhouettes already look more grown-up and sophisticated than an outfit with a lot of frills, and that will be especially apparent when you’re wearing pink!

7 Stay Neutral

You don’t necessarily need to keep your entire outfit in one color, but if you’re going to wear pink, try to keep the rest of the outfit toned down with neutral colors like beige, white, and black.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe while staying sophisticated and elegant? Have you ever found it to be a challenge to wear pink without looking like a little kid? Let me know your stories in the comments!

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