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Copy-Cat Tips for Girls Who Want to Look like Top Fashion Bloggers ...

By Teresa

Everyone has his or her favorite fashion bloggers. We want to dress exactly like them and emulate their style. However, that’s not always easy, because they have style nailed down so effortlessly. If you want to dress like your favorite style blogger but don’t know where to start, start with this list. It’s full of tips and tricks that are sure to inspire you to start dressing like your favorite fashion blogger, even if you thought you’d never be able to pull it off!

1 Dress like You’re Going to Be Photographed 24/7

clothing, little black dress, dress, hairstyle, model,When you really think about it, fashion bloggers dress so intricately because they’re going to be photographed and viewed by the followers of their blog. If you’re going somewhere and you’re just really not in the mood to wear a cute outfit, just think of it like a fashion blogger—like you need to shoot some pictures for your blog!

2 Layer

clothing, footwear, black hair, leather, denim,If there’s one thing that fashion bloggers are especially good at, it’s layering. They don’t just pair a tank top with jeans. They add a ton of different layers to make it a complex and detailed outfit! If you want your style to look as complex as a fashion bloggers, simply add a few layers to add some depth to your outfit!

3 Don’t Limit Yourself to One Style

hair, hairstyle, turquoise, black hair, photo shoot,Although fashion bloggers definitely have an aesthetic, or style, that seems to sum up what look they’re going for, they definitely don’t limit themselves to one style. Just because you love to wear black doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some color here and there. Don’t limit yourself to the one style you’ve decided for yourself. It’s good to have a vision, but don’t get stuck on that vision!

4 Wear White and Denim

clothing, color, pink, snapshot, plaid,One of the biggest fashion trends in fashion bloggers this summer is to wear white and denim, especially white and denim skirts. Bring your favorite denim skirt back from 2005 and pair it with a white tank top for a look that’s sure to turn heads and remind people of your favorite fashion blogger!

5 Get a Leather Jacket

performance, musician, music, sunglasses, photo shoot,Have you ever noticed that it seems like a pre-requisite to own a leather jacket? No matter what their personal style is, your favorite fashion bloggers definitely own leather jackets. They’re especially great when you’re not in the mood to put on an outfit, because adding a leather jacket to even your most boring outfit completely intensifies your look and makes it look so complex and detailed!

6 Wear Hats That Don’t Serve a Purpose

clothing, white, hair, pink, hairstyle,I’m right there with every other woman in the world when I say that I’ve been known to wear a hat or two during the coldest months of the year. Fashion bloggers don’t care about the weather, though. They wear hats during any time of the year, and most of the time they’re for fashion purposes, not to keep your head warm. Follow their lead and do the same!

7 Go for a Trend You Never Thought You’d Wear

clothing, handbag, jeans, denim, bag,I’m sure you know those trends that you see and think, “I don’t think I could ever wear that and pull it off.” Think of that outfit, and go to the store and buy the outfit you never thought you could pull off. Fashion bloggers are constantly wearing different outfits that you think you could never pull off in real life. Chances are that you’re going to absolutely rock it, and you’ll love that you decided to wear it!

What’s your favorite way to dress like a fashion blogger? Let me know in the comments!

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