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How to Work Androgyny into Your Wardrobe ...

By Lyndsie

The androgynous look is having many moments for a number of reasons and I think that's fantastic. It's a hot look, for one thing, and for another, it's extremely versatile. You can make it work for you no matter what your personal style.

Table of contents:

  1. Start at the top
  2. Look for chunky, unisex jewelry
  3. Grab the boyfriend jeans
  4. Go for the oxfords
  5. Go for the oxford
  6. Don't forget the converse
  7. So are boots
  8. Expand your blazer collection
  9. Silky blouses are lovely, too
  10. Think about bringing back the vest
  11. Maybe the corduroys, too
  12. Patterned sweaters really work the look
  13. Don't fear stripes
  14. Stock up on ties
  15. Find the perfect hat
  16. Try some tweed
  17. Go for a structured bag

1 Start at the Top

Even though it's not exactly part of your wardrobe, you might want to begin with a more androgynous haircut – or not. That's entirely your decision.

2 Look for Chunky, Unisex Jewelry

Menswear-inspired watches, heavily linked bracelets, thick rings – so many ideas!

3 Grab the Boyfriend Jeans

Or just cuff your own, to be honest.

4 Go for the Oxfords

The shoes, that is.

5 Go for the Oxford

The top, that is.

6 Don't Forget the Converse

They're just a staple

7 So Are Boots

Preferably Doc Martens, but that's probably just me.

8 Expand Your Blazer Collection

You won't be sorry. Make sure some of them are sinfully tailored, while others can be sort of slouchy and casual.

9 Silky Blouses Are Lovely, Too

Just make sure they're collared. Otherwise, you can't pop it.

10 Think about Bringing Back the Vest

It's hotter than you think.

11 Maybe the Corduroys, Too

They're back, believe it or not. Might be time to try a pair.

12 Patterned Sweaters Really Work the Look

I have no idea why, but an androgynous wardrobe practically begs for prints.

13 Don't Fear Stripes

There's nothing to fear, I promise.

14 Stock up on Ties

Oh, this look is so sexy.

15 Find the Perfect Hat

It might be a fedora, a beanie, or a baseball cap, but when you find the right hat, you'll know.

16 Try Some Tweed

Just trust me.

17 Go for a Structured Bag

A boxy tote, for example, or a stiffly shaped shoulder bag.

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