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7 Style Tips for Very Slim Girls ...

By Alison

I'm always on the lookout for style tips for slim girls, since I have a very slim body type. There are some fashions I'd love to wear, but they just don't look right on me. Happily there are other styles that look absolutely great on slim women. So if you're built like me, try these style tips for slim girls and find the clothes that work …

1 Banish Baggy Clothes

The first of my style tips for slim girls is one that I've learned from experience. Don't try to disguise your lack of weight by wearing baggy clothes. You'll just look like you've borrowed your big brother's clothes! I'm guilty of committing this mistake in the past, but eventually worked out that it didn't flatter me in the least. So banish all baggy clothes from your wardrobe.

2 Tailored to Fit

When you're very slim, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit properly. Often, sleeves or pants are too long, or the smallest size in a range is still too big. The answer is to have your clothes tailored to fit, which needn't be expensive. You can alter your clothes yourself if you have a sewing machine; pin them before sewing until you get the right fit. Or find an alterations service.

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3 Details

The problem with being very slim (yes, they do exist) is that many garments and fashions look best on girls with curves. So what can the slim girl do? She can cheat by using details to add curves. Peplum tops are in at the moment and are great for giving the illusion of shape. Also look for frills and other details to add bulk.

4 Terrific Tops

You'll need to choose tops that flatter your shape, so avoid anything that has too much fabric in it. Batwing sleeves are not the very slim girl's friends, as she disappears under that much fabric, and strapless tops can accentuate her lack of breasts. The best tops are simple, fairly fitted ones that have some detail like ruffles or pockets to fill out your slim appearance.

5 Jeans

The best jeans or pants for the skinny girl are, naturally, skinny jeans, although she should pass on the ultra-skinny kind. She can also wear bootleg style jeans, which fit where it matters while suggesting that crucial extra bulk. Avoid the 'boyfriend' cut, as they will simply swamp your slim legs.

6 Cover up

What can the slim girl wear when it comes to coats? Puffa jackets are absolutely out, as they will make her look totally out of proportion. So avoid those unless it's the only way to stay warm! Far better is a fitted coat that nips in at the waist; one with a belt will also help to suggest curves. The length should also be in proportion with her height.

7 Vintage Style

Some vintage eras were made for the slim girl. Think of 1920s flapper dresses - you can't wear those if you're more generously endowed! Empire waistlines are also fabulous. Or look for 1960s-inspired clothes like a mini dress - wear it over fitted jeans if you're self-conscious about your legs.

Every shape has its challenge when it comes to finding flattering clothes, and being very slim is no exception. It's even more difficult if you're tall as well. But the perfect clothes are out there, so don't give up hope! What is your body shape, and which clothes work best for you?

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