9 Jaw-Dropping Fashion Show Sets ...

The clothes are the main focus at any fashion show, but these days it’s becoming more common for fashion show sets to be just as intricately designed as the clothes. The fashion show is a spectacle in itself, and larger-than-life fashion show sets add to that sense of drama and theatre. Every season, designers seem to up the ante as fashion show sets become more out of this world and theatrical. The following are just a few jaw-dropping fashion show sets worth checking out.

1. Chanel Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear

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Chanel has gained quite a reputation for putting together some jaw-dropping fashion show sets. In the past we’ve seen windmills, larger than life globes and epic crystal creations decorate the runways. More recently, we saw Karl Lagerfeld unveil a Chanel supermarket that acted as the backdrop to the designer label’s Fall 2014 collection. Models strutted down the aisles, which were packed with Chanel-branded products.

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