7 Lovely Summer Trends That Transition into Fall ...


7 Lovely Summer Trends That Transition into Fall ...
7 Lovely Summer Trends That Transition into Fall ...

As the summer is approaching its end, it's time to start thinking about our cooler-weather wardrobe and the possibilities with all the summer trends that transition into fall. It's hard to let go of our favorite items from summer until the next season, but with this list, you don't have to! Layers are really the key here, so prepare yourself for the crisp autumn air by using those much-loved summer trends that transition into fall!

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Maxi Dress, Chambray & Booties

Maxi Dress, Chambray & Booties Maxi dresses are an essential summer item - so comfy it's almost like you're wearing pajamas! This is one of those favorite go-to summer trends that transition into fall quite easily. Throw on a light-weight chambray top and opt for either flats or ankle booties to give your look the feel of fall! Still chilly? Add a layer of leggings underneath for extra warmth.


Leather Bottoms and a Sweater

Leather Bottoms and a Sweater Leather has been big this season with items such as skirts, shorts, and even leather details on tees and tops. You can easily pair your adored leather bottoms with a cardigan or sweater and boots. You will stay warm and remain stylish with these layering additions!



Scarves! Scarves can pretty much be worn any season, but fall really is the most ideal time to rock those sheer, printed scarves that are just a little too warm in summer. Graphic tees and printed scarves make a fabulous, chic and relaxed combo that are perfect for cooler days.


Swap Sandals for Booties

Swap Sandals for Booties Because we lose so much heat from our feet, footwear is the best way to transition your wardrobe into fall. Simply swap out your sandals for a pair of chic booties and you're set! Booties look amazing with most wardrobe combinations and aren't quite as cozy and warm as the tall boots usually worn later in the season and into winter.


Harem Pants with Layers

Harem Pants with Layers I have seen harem pants everywhere! So many people can rock this trend well and they are super comfortable and airy (no wonder they were big this summer!). They come in so many darling solids, prints and fabrics that it's hard to only own one pair! So for fall, instead of wearing them with just a summery top, try adding a cardigan or long-sleeved tee.


Shorts with Tights

Shorts with Tights High waisted denim or print shorts are not for everyone, but they are definitely a hot fashion trend! Shorts in general work so well with black opaque tights, paired with tall boots or black ballet flats. Tights add a little extra warmth for chilly fall days, and are an interesting dimension to this look!


Light-Weight Jacket

Light-Weight Jacket Army jackets, denim jackets and blazers are all amazing outerwear pieces that are essential for layering in the fall. These items can be paired with shorts and a tank, a shirt and blouse, or even a cute floral sundress! There so many fun options and possible outfit choices!

It's always a little sad when the warm sunny days come to a close and the cooler weather sets in, but who doesn't love the changing leaves and cool, crisp air of gorgeous fall? Hot apple cider and warm, cozy clothes are always something to look forward to! What are some of your favorite ways to transition into fall; clothing accessories or otherwise?

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