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10 Sweet DIY Scarves to Sew ...

By Meream

Since summer is about to take a vacation, we give you here DIY style projects for the cold seasons, starting with these DIY Scarves. Most of these DIY scarves are simple sewing projects. Some of these will also only require unused clothes. Basically, these scarf DIYs are perfect refashioning projects. Let's check them out!

1 Sweater

SweaterIsn't this sweet? Not only am I in love with the color of this** DIY scarf**, I also think that the giant buttons are super cute. To make this, you will need rectangular pieces from the front and back bodice of a knitted sweater. Sew the sides, turn inside out, and sew buttons. Easy!


2 Jersey + Lace

Jersey + LaceI love gray and yellow together. The addition of the pretty lace here is inspired, too. This** DIY scarf** is one of those infinity types. It's one big circle that you can style in numerous ways. Check out how creative Melike made this pretty version.


3 Knit + Strips

Knit + StripsThe great thing about using knit fabric is that it doesn't fray. You can leave edges raw and your project will not have that unfinished look. For this particular** handmade scarf**, you will need rectangular knit pieces and strips for embellishment. Assembly is easy; check out the tutorial after the link.


4 Ombre

OmbreYou might think that Rebekah here is wearing two scarves but the fact of the matter is, she has one long infinity scarf in ombre. Cool, right? She made this by dying an unused shirt in shades of blue, cutting the top and bottom, and then stretching it until it became one pretty infinity scarf.


5 Cascading Squares

Cascading SquaresThis is another easy DIY scarf tutorial that you can make using an old shirt. Cut the shirt into square pieces, and sew together, making a snake-like scarf. Very easy.


6 Ruched Lace

Ruched LaceThis is a DIY scarf that is pretty in all respects: it's pretty easy to make and also very easy on the eyes. To make this, you will need a rectangular strip of lace and embroidery thread. To get the pretty ruffly effect, you simply gather sections of the lace using the embroidery thread.


7 Stencil

StencilStenciling using freezer paper is a fun way to print your own designs. You can apply this method for making a unique and handmade scarf. Jessica used this safari-like pattern but you can go for other designs as well. How about dots? Or flowers?


8 Wool Fringe

Wool FringeHere is another easy way to make a chic scarf. Cut wool fabric into a rectangular piece (60 x 13 inches) and add leather tassels to the short sides. I think this** DIY scarf** will look great in fun colors.


9 Ruffled

RuffledAren't these DIY scarves pretty? The great thing about these is that they are easy sewing projects. By sewing zig zag stitches along the edges of knit fabric, you will end up with a lovely ruffled effect. Very cool.


10 Ripples

RipplesIf you'd rather make a crocheted** DIY scarf**, I give you this tutorial. The colors are very on-trend so I thought I'd include this here.


Got other DIY scarf ideas to share? Let's hear 'em! Who knows, we might make another DIY scarf list featuring your own creations.

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