7 Celebrities with a Unique Style Who Wear Fashion with No Apologies ...

Style is a very personal thing, but we can all sometimes get stuck in a rut and that is why I adore these celebrities with a unique style who dress with no apologies. We all have trends we adore, but the truth is, at times we can be far too concerned with what others think. So why not take note of these beautiful celebrities with a unique style who wear fashion with no apologies and be inspired by their confidence?

1. Kelly Osbourne

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When it comes to celebrities with a unique style, Miss O cannot be ignored. Despite being born into Rock Royalty, Kelly Osbourne has not had the easiest of journeys. She has lived her life in the public eye and we have seen her blossom from a stroppy teen with a questionable (sorry Kelly!) sense of style to a style icon with a much deserved spot on the Fashion Police panel. She doesn’t hide from her fashion faux pas but she doesn’t apologize for them either – and thank God for that! She could not rock her tattoos and her luscious lilac locks and still look ultra-feminine if she was apologetic about her style. IMHO, Kelly, with her style and her down to earth attitude, is refreshing and she is one of the most beautiful young fashionistas to watch.

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