7 Must-Haves for the Most Fabulous Airport Style Ever ...


7 Must-Haves for the Most Fabulous Airport Style Ever ...
7 Must-Haves for the Most Fabulous Airport Style Ever ...

I personally love airport style. There’s something that is so fun in trying to figure out how to be both stylish and comfortable to be completely relaxed during your airport experience. It may seem like you must sacrifice your style to travel comfortably, but that doesn’t need to be the case. These tips for the most fabulous airport style ever are sure to help you truly rock your next trip to the airport!

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A Light Scarf

A Light Scarf Think about those people you always see in the airport who always look perfectly put-together and comfortable in airports. Don’t they always have a cute, light scarf on? I think that scarves are so versatile and come in so many different textures that could keep you warmer or cooler if necessary. They’re cute, plus, if you get chilly on the plane, you have a small blanket to keep you warm!


Your Favorite Pair of Leggings

Your Favorite Pair of Leggings I know that a lot of people love to wear jeans and other types of pants on planes, but I just don’t think that’s comfortable. There are so many ways to dress up a pair of leggings, why wouldn’t you indulge in a little bit of leggings comfort?


Slip-on Yet Stylish Shoes

Slip-on Yet Stylish Shoes Do not wear boots when you’re going to the airport. Are you sure you read that right? Remember it; take it to heart, and all of that good stuff! I know it can be tempting to wear your favorite boots when you’re traveling, but fight that urge. They’ll be a pain both in security, when your shoes need to come off fast, and on the plane, where you might start to feel claustrophobic if you’re wearing tall boots with no end in sight! Slip-on shoes can be just as cute as your favorite pair of boots without the bulk of them!



Sunglasses Okay, so you might not need these in the airport, but chances are that you’ll need a pair of sunglasses when you get off the plane, no matter where you’re going! Keep your favorite pair in your carry-on so you don’t have to fish through your luggage when you’re getting ready to leave the airport. It seems simple, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made this mistake!


A Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirt

A Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirt Personally, airports make me sweat profusely, but by the time I get on the airplane, I’m freezing. To fix that problem, I’ve started wearing lighter shirts that are still long-sleeves, so that when I’m hot, I can roll the sleeves up, but when I’m cold, there’s still enough material to keep you warm!


A Huge Bag

A Huge Bag No matter what type of bag you prefer, it’s essential that you bring a bag that you can travel well with. I usually prefer traveling with a backpack, because I can throw it on my back when I have to run through the airport. That being said, some people prefer their favorite tote or rolling suitcase for the airport. No matter what your bag preference is, there are always cute options to bring along with you!


A Small Makeup Bag

A Small Makeup Bag Of course you’ll want to bring all of your makeup on your trip with you. However, pack a much smaller makeup bag with the essentials for the plane. In case you don’t feel yourself or need some refreshing before you de-plane, you’ll know that you’ll at least have a few essentials on-hand and with you on the plane!

What are your airport style tips? Give me some ideas for my next trip in the comments!

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Some of these suggestions would not work on RyanAir/JetBlue flights!

I like yoga pants and sweater you can take off easily

A fedora is my must-have on a plane!

Very helpful

I don't know what airport you go to, but no one dresses fashionably at ours.

I invested in a light cashmere poncho that I roll into my carryon and use it as a blanket or even as a light jacket if where I'm going is a bit cooler. Much smaller than a jacket and very stylish! LOL

Lol Taylor !! Good article tho ! Thank you

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