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I have three boys, but if I did have a girl, we would totally wear mother daughter outfits. Why not? Maybe not when she got older, but matching clothes are so great for photo ops. As it is now, my husband and boys dress alike and I'm always the odd one out. If you have a tiny girl, or even an older one, check out these adorable and fun mother daughter outfits and get ready to get dresses.

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Casual Jeans and Chambray

Casual Jeans and Chambray Via The HONEYBEE: Mommy & Mini ...
A casual look that matches is super cute for a trip out around town.


Polka Dot Skirts

Polka Dot Skirts Via Hey McKi: Glitter and Polka ...
Make your mother daughter day something really special by wearing the same outfit. Cute, right?


Fun Little Cherries

Fun Little Cherries Via Cute Girl Names and Meanings ...
If you can sew, it's easy to make matching dresses in any pattern or color you like.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses Via Women and Children's Clothing Boutique
Maxi dresses are super comfy and they look great on anyone, small or tall.


Something Fancy

Something Fancy Via How To Match Outfits With ...
Every girl likes to get dressed up and you can make it even more enjoyable by wearing the same dress.


A Little Bit of Leopard

A Little Bit of Leopard Via Hot Baby Names for Girls ...
Some leopard print leggings are just the thing to round out both of your closets.


Mom and Baby

Mom and Baby Via The HONEYBEE: Mother Daughter Love
Even a baby can look like Mom with some matching fabric.


A Bit of Gold

A Bit of Gold Via Hey McKi: Mommy & Me: ...
Who wouldn't love a gold, shiny skirt? These two make it look great.


Cute Leggings

Cute Leggings Via ryleighrueclothing.com
Leggings are the go-to for a cute, comfy outfit that you can both wear.


Same Colors

Same Colors Via Unique Baby Names 2014 For ...
If you can't find the same top or bottom, wear your own thing in the same color.


Biker Jackets

Biker Jackets Via Women and Children's Clothing Boutique
How awesome these mom and daughter leather biker jackets are! What do you think?


Summertime Dress

Summertime Dress Via Bella Hair and Makeup
The dress and the denim vest make this the perfect outfit for warm summer days.


Matching Accessories

Matching Accessories Via Mommy and Me Matching Infinity ...
You can even match your mom and daughter accessories for a look that is as great as this one.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via sparkleinpink.com
You'll never go wrong when you wear bright, fun colors like this pink and turquoise.


Out and about

Out and about Via Baby modern
These two matching ladies look ready for some fun on the town.


Lace Dress

Lace Dress Via Mommy and Me Clothing | ...
This looks like another creation that would be easy to throw together for people who can sew.


Big, Bold Stripes

Big, Bold Stripes Via Women and Children's Clothing Boutique
Girls of all ages love stripes and this dress showcases them just right.


The Same Coat

The Same Coat Via ToManiere: Young Fashionistas
Wearing the same coat is a super easy way to match for photo ops for just for fun.


Cute Sundress

Cute Sundress Via All Shook Up Dress
Finding cute matching sundresses is easy at specialty boutiques, but you can find them in department stores too.


More Color

More Color Via Women and Children's Clothing Boutique
This is another really fun way to wear color that matches.


Big and Poofy

Big and Poofy Via Me + Mom | Highlights ...
I want this dress, even if I don't have a daughter to wear it with. Fantastic, isn't it?


For an Event

For an Event Via xoxoglamorous.tumblr.com
These dresses are fabulous for a wedding or other such event.


The Same Fabric

The Same Fabric Via custom mommy and me outfits
Wearing something similar in the same print is another fun way to match.

Do you wear mother daughter outfits with your little girl? Did you see a great new outfit you want to try?

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Can't wait to go shopping for me and my toddler. Love it.

Soo cute!

I love this, so cute.

Why can't boys wear skirts.ask them if they are ready.tell them the advantages of skirts and other items and convince them.even i wear skirts being a boy



All these moms look so younf

Love them

@marigold , they are not the exact same outfit

My mom made my sister & I many outfits to match hers, thankfully that stopped before the 3 sister came along

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