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7 Stores to Find Cute Clothes to Support Your Favorite Team ...

By Teresa

When you’re a woman who’s a fan of sports teams, it can be so hard to find cute clothes that let you represent your favorite team. You’d be surprised to find out, though, that some of your favorite stores sell awesome sports apparel, for both your favorite professional and college teams. No matter what sport you love or what team is your favorite, these stores will help you find clothes that you love so much you’ll want to buy season passes for your favorite teams, just so you have an excuse to wear all of your new favorites clothes!

Table of contents:

  1. Old navy
  2. Forever 21
  3. Victoria’s secret pink
  4. Jimmy jazz
  5. Etsy
  6. Jc penney
  7. Sears

1 Old Navy

Old Navy has a variety of different shirts, sweatshirts, and pants for a ton of different teams. They have professional sports teams, and at your local Old Navy, you may notice that they stock apparel for your favorite local college teams. Plus, the sports apparel that they have there isn’t your typical sports apparel. You’ll want it to wear outside of your local sports stadium.

2 Forever 21

Forever 21 recently started selling a line of NBA pajamas and active wear that will make you excited to represent your favorite team, even if you’re representing them from the comfort of your own couch! Forever 21 is known for their cute but cost-effective clothes, and their NBA line is no exception to that!

3 Victoria’s Secret Pink

At this point, Victoria’s Secret Pink is almost as well known for its sports apparel as it is for its comfortable yoga pants. If you’re a college student, you probably have a ton of different shirts, pants, and sweatshirts representing your school that came from Victoria’s Secret Pink.

4 Jimmy Jazz

I have a Jimmy Jazz in my local mall, but I never realized that they had an entire NBA apparel line for women. It’s so cute that you’ll want to go to games just so you can wear your new favorite clothes! There are baseball tees, crop tops, hoodies, and even leggings. There’s such a large variety that you’ll want it all.

5 Etsy

Etsy is the place that I go to whenever I want something different and personalized. Simply searching for your favorite team on Etsy will give you a seemingly infinite amount of results of different outfits, accessories, and even home décor that can help you represent your favorite team!

6 JC Penney

Sure, JC Penney probably isn’t the first place you think of when you go looking for clothes to wear to your team’s next game. And yet, they surprisingly have an amazing fan shop with a variety of different pieces for all of your favorite teams. You’ll be surprised just how huge of a selection they offer. In fact, they even sell dresses that are emblazoned with your favorite sports team logos.

7 Sears

Sears is another great store to find the best sports apparel, and just like JC Penney, it’s another store that you wouldn’t expect to sell sports apparel. You’ll fall in love with everything you find from the Sears fan shop!

What’s your favorite store to find the best sports apparel? I love finding new stores that sell sports apparel, and I’m always looking for sports apparel that doesn’t really overtly look like sports apparel. Let me know in the comments where you buy clothes four your favorite sports teams, because they’re not always the easiest to find!

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