Neon Colors You Need in Your Closet This Summer ...


Hands up if you're a neon fan! Actually, you don't need to - we can already see you! Neon isn't for shy girls, but if you love bold, bright colors then you'll be delighted to see that neon's back in fashion this year. So stock up your summer wardrobe with these cool neon shades …

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Pink It isn't just clothing that can be neon. If your makeup brushes have seen better days, treat yourself to a neon-colored set - it'll make making up so much fun, and look cool on your dresser! There's also a neon orange set. Who needs boring brown brushes when you can have bold beauties like these …



Green Nobody will know you're wearing neon if you hide it underneath! Lingerie is way more fun if it's in a striking shade like neon green. Just be careful what you wear it under; neon undies under white pants would be oh-so-obvious! Keep it for your own little secret - you're bound to feel brighter inside in more ways than one!



Yellow If you aren't quite brave enough to sport neon clothes, then buy into the trend with a nail polish. A polish like this yellow one is ace for adding that hint of neon. Bold colors like this look great on short nails, so if you can't or don't want to have yours long it's ideal. You could even do a kind of French manicure and just paint the tips!



Coral Here's another way to introduce neon into your summer wardrobe without overdoing it. The black trim on this bikini helps to tone down the neon. Swimwear is also an good choice for neon; you can be a bit more experimental with your bikini. This coral shade would also look amazing with a light tan.



Blue Sweat it out in the gym with these neon blue shorts, or wear them to laze around at home. Blue is perhaps the most wearable neon shade if you prefer to avoid the most lurid colors. It's great for workout gear as it has that 'get up and go' vibe about it; so grab some neon blue for your running or gym clothes.



Orange Heading off on vacation? Here's your perfect beach cover-up! Orange is another shade that looks fab with a tan or naturally darker skin, so throw this on over your bikini for sightseeing before you hit the beach. An orange tank would also look great with white pants or shorts.



Multi If you can't decide which shade of neon to go for, mix it up! The "paint splash" print on this dress includes pink, yellow and blue. It's so much fun customising your clothes, so if you can't find a paint splash garment, grab a plain white tee and make your own design! You'll end up with something totally unique - and who wants to look like everyone else?

Bold neon colors are perfect for the warm sunny days, so add some brightness to your wardrobe this summer with some lovely neon clothes! There are tons of neon garments in the stores, so you'll be spoiled for choice. If you don't like wearing neon garments, try accessories like a slim belt or mini bag to give you just that touch of color. What's your must-have item for your summer wardrobe this year?

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This was kind of useless, it was just all neon colors

Cute colors suggestion!

I think the coral bikini is more of a peach color

So all neon colors are in this season? It sounds like that

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