A Yellow Swimsuit Will Make Your Summer out of This World ...


Yellow is such a fun summer color, so why not choose a swimsuit in the color? Whether you go with a light yellow or a bright sunshine one, you are sure to stand out in the best way at the pool and the beach. There are yellow suits in all price ranges so you're sure to find one that you absolutely adore. Here are my favorite picks. I hope you love one!

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Gingham Retro Style Bikini

Gingham Retro Style Bikini coach.com


Cross Front Two Piece

Cross Front Two Piece ‌net-a-porter.com


Adorable Daisies

Adorable Daisies ‌‌etsy.com


Fun in Stripes

Fun in Stripes unique-vintage.com


Black and Yellow Geometrics

Black and Yellow Geometrics pinkqueen.com


Bright Neon Yellow

Bright Neon Yellow polyvore.com


Retro Polka Dots

Retro Polka Dots unique-vintage.com


Halter One Piece

Halter One Piece selfridges.com


Yellow and Gray

Yellow and Gray carnetdemode.com


Mixed Neons

Mixed Neons maykool.com


Funky Dog Print

Funky Dog Print maykool.com


Quirky Fruit Print

Quirky Fruit Print pinkqueen.com


Happy Face

Happy Face ‌pinkqueen.com


Crocheted Bikini

Crocheted Bikini etsy.com


Modern, but Retro Print

Modern, but Retro Print modcloth.com


Waist Cutout

Waist Cutout rosewe.com


Yellow Bananas on Stripes

Yellow Bananas on Stripes modcloth.com


Big Yellow Summer Flower

Big Yellow Summer Flower brazilianbikinishop.com


Yellow and White Color Block

Yellow and White Color Block polyvore.com


Simple Sunny Bikini

Simple Sunny Bikini polyvore.com


Yellow with Pink Flowers

Yellow with Pink Flowers ‌‌polyvore.com‌

See how awesome a yellow swimsuit is? You're going to be turning heads everywhere you go. Which one is your favorite?

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I'm sorry but yellow is NOT a very flattering color in these cases

And the waste cut out

Some of them are cute. But half of them you can't even wear to the pool/beach

Totally agree tori! They do that a lot on this site then go ahead and have topics about loving your size no matter what size you are.

I agree with you Tori,every body size should be embraced. On the other hand I must say, I love these swim suits so much that I am considering to purchase a few of them

@tori absolutely!!!! Agree

My favorite is the retro polka dots

Some of them are cute. But half of them you can't even wear to the pool/beach

And it really makes me want to look into becoming a plus size model!!!

Disappointed that none of these girls are 'plus size'. Why shouldn't we be embracing all body shapes, we shouldn't be giving the impression that only slimmer or well toned girls can show off their bikini bodies! Anyone else agree?

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